The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 496

Chapter 496: Met An Old Friend

Gu Xijiu was shocked. She suddenly remembered her dream when she was in the carriage. It seemed like she also dreamed of Rong Che taming his Wind Caller and sending it over to her. She never thought that this dream would come true.

At the moment, the scene of her meeting Di Fuyi in the hot spring flashed through her mind. She was stunned for a moment.

Was that a true scene too? Was it only a matter of time?

She immediately stopped thinking. That was obviously just a dream. This was just a coincidence.

When she was out of her mind for a while, the Wind Caller already ran towards her and intimately rubbed her body with its head.

Gu Xijiu patted its head while chatting with Rong Che, "I am sorry that I need you to send it over to me from afar." Then she handed the dzeren in her hand to Rong Che and said, "I cooked this, please enjoy it."

Rong Che took the meat and sat down beside her, "Xijiu, you dont have to be so humble with me."

As he stabbed his teeth into the meet, he said, "I am always a freeman. Since I have nothing to do, it is good for me to send the Wind Caller to you so that I can visit the Tianju Hall. At the same time, I have the chance to taste your cooking. I've earned a lot from this trip."

He took out a gourd of wine from his sleeve, "Old friend, do you want a drink?"

"Sure!" Gu Xijiu also took out three cups and then she stared at Qian Lingyu who sat next to her, "Do you want a drink?"

Qian Lingyu was a bit unhappy when he got ignored just now. He childishly said, "Don't you know that students are not allowed to drink here?" He stared at Rong Che and said in a very unfriendly tone, "Students should not be visited either! How did you come in?"

Rong Che smiled, "I'm not visiting, I am here to send Xijius ride for her. As you can see, I came in from the main entrance."

"What I meant was how can the gatekeeper allow you to enter?" Qian Lingyu did not buy his answer.

"I think he probably felt touched by my action to send the ride from thousands of miles away?" Rong Che smiled lightly.

Qian Lingyu was speechless.

Rong Che looked at him, "Xijiu, who is he?"

"He is my study mate But, perhaps he does not treat me as his mate"

Qian Lingyu blushed and said fiercely, "Since you have entered the Tianju Hall, certainly you are my mate!" Then he looked at Rong Che again, "I am Qian Lingyu, what is your name?"

Rong Che was a bit surprised, "There was a genius in the Qian family thousands of years ago. He was identified by the name - Overlord Qian Yueran. Overlord Qian Yueran personally trained him for two years. Are you that genius from Qians family?"

Qian Lingyu was a bit proud, "Good that you know me too. So what is your name?"

Rong Che opened his fan, "I am Rong Che."

"Are you the eighth prince of Feixing Kingdom? One of the four young masters in the capital?"

Rong Che smiled, "Yes."

"Well, it is better to hear your name than to meet you." Qian Lingyu was like a hedgehog and kept being mean to everyone.

Rong Che smiled, "It is better to meet you than to hear your name."

This sentence sounded like praise. Qian Lingyu was a bit proud and asked, "What do you mean?" He was waiting for Rong Che to praise him more.

Rong Che laughed, "It is only after meeting you that I've realized that you are somewhat different from what I heard from the rumors."

Gu Xijiu quietly shook her head. Rong Che was counter-attacking! The meaning of this sentence was to hint to Qian Lingyu that he did not match the criteria in the rumors.