The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 503

Chapter 503: The Lord

Gu Canmo immediately sent people to arrest Gu Xijiu, and of course, the big mussel who caused the "trouble."

When Gu Xijiu opened her door, she was caught by the four well-trained students sent by Gu Canmo.

There were many talents in the Tianju Hall. These people did not like fame and glory but only concentrated on improving their martial arts and spiritual power. Although they were not famous, they had very amazing abilities.

The Lord established the Tianju Hall. Therefore, it had the best resources for these people to train and improve. Eventually, they stay on in the Tianju Hall to be mentors, coroners or discipline gurus who manage the students who break the rules. Once these discipline gurus were involved, no one could escape from their hands.

Before Gu Xijiu could react, she had been pummelled on the floor. When the big mussel and Wind Caller saw something was not right, they immediately rushed forward and wanted to save their master. However, they were also caught by the discipline gurus. Even Lu Wu was put into a cage that was specially designed to capture majestic beings.

The big mussel finally understood Gu Xijiu's concerns. It was a place full of masters. Its abilities should allow it to comfortably deal with people with level five or six of spiritual power, but it could do nothing when it met people with level eight or nine of spiritual power. Even if these people wanted to stew it into soup, there was nothing it could do to escape.

The coroners quickly checked the shell of the big mussel. They were able to collect the hair and skin tissues of the two men who were killed last night.

There was a lady among the discipline gurus, and she inspected Gu Xijiu. In Gu Xijius storage bag, she found the sound recorder spell that Gu Xijiu used to record the cursing of the two men. Thus, the murder weapon and a motive to kill were identified.

All the evidence were extremely detrimental to Gu Xijiu. When she was brought to the punishment hall, she could not debate when the discipline gurus showed all the evidence in front of her.

She knew that she had fallen into a well-planned trap. She looked up at Gu Canmo and tried to calm down. She asked, "Headmaster Gu, I admit that these two men came to my house and tried to attack me and destroy my house. Before they came, I sensed something, and I asked the big mussel to hide outside my house. It successfully stopped them from ruining my house but to stop them from coming again; I purposely recorded their curses to threaten them so that they won't come and attack me again. They had agreed to the deal, so I had released them to leave. They were no longer threats to me but instead are beneficial. Why would I ask the big mussel to kill them? I believe this is a trap set to frame me. I would appreciate it if Headmaster Gu would investigate the case to prove my innocence."

Headmaster Gu looked like a man who was in his thirties. In actuality, he was older than Long Siye and Di Fuyi. No one on the continent actually knew his age because he was here since the Tianju Hall was built.

He looked like a person who was upright and of little words. Perhaps, he had encountered some bad experiences at a young age. He hated people who received unworthy benefits through connections. Although he was not able to rule the world, he was the one who could make decisions in the Tianju Hall.