The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 506

Chapter 506: The Lord 4

There was no one she could talk to other than the Firmament Stone. She felt uneasy, and finally, she asked the Firmament Stone its opinion on whether the mussel would be killed. In fact, she subconsciously wished that the Firmament Stone would refute her, even if its explanation had loopholes. She just wanted to be comforted by words.

No matter how strong she was, sometimes she would still be vulnerable. When a person does not have desires or belongings, he or she would be fearless. However, she had something she cared about now. Although the big mussel was a big eater, she cared about it a lot.

When she realized that the big mussel might be killed and stewed as soup, she was very anxious! However, the Firmament Stone was very honest, and it did not know that she was vulnerable at that moment. It echoed her words, "Master, I am not cursing the big mussel. I think it is possible that it would be killed. The people in the Tianju Hall dared not hurt you so they would redirect their frustration onto the big mussel. After all, the big mussel is a monster, and they need to be accountable to the families. Therefore, it is possible that they would kill it as a scapegoat. You said that you always heard its cries, perhaps it was already dead and came to find you. You should know that it was wronged so even after it died, it would not have a peaceful death."

Gu Xijiu was even more anxious now. She screamed again until she lost her voice. Were they planning to starve her to death here? When she thought of the fact that she might die here, she felt scared too. After all, it was not easy for her to be reborn again, and she had been working so hard for so long to improve this body.

How could she die so easily? She was not willing to die so fast! But what could she do?

She was alone here, and no one could help her. Rong Che When she was arrested, Rong Che helped to beg Gu Canmo for mercy. However, he was rejected by Gu Canmo as this was an issue of the Tianju Hall and he should not interfere with the rules here.

Qian Lingyu? He had no right to speak out in the Tianju Hall. Somehow, she thought of Di Fuyi. She felt pain in her heart. She knew that this guy had some right to speak his mind at this place. If only he could come and help her. She did not need Di Fuyis help to prove her innocence. As long as she had some time to investigate, she would be able to arrest the culprit and prove her innocence! However, she had completely cut off her relationship with him. Even if he knew that she was wronged, he would not care about it.

The Lord She did not dare to think about The Lord. This man was too elusive. It was challenging to find him, and she has not even met him in person until this day. There was no other person she could think of. Gu Xijiu closed her eyes and felt even more despaired.

She suffered alone for another two days until the evening of the fourth day. The door of her jail was opened, and someone came in. Gu Xijiu had been locked against the wall for three days and three nights now. Her body had been completely numb all this time. No one sent her any food or drinks while she was held a prisoner. Coupled with the suffering in her heart, Gu Xijiu was now semi-dazed, and she could not see clearly anymore

"Shua! Shua!"

Two gusts of wind swept through her cell, and the iron chain on her body was cut off. She immediately collapsed. However, she did not fall on the floor, but into the arms of a man. His arms were slightly cold. She could smell a light fragrance that was quite familiar, but she could not recall where she smelled it before.