The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 507

Chapter 507: The Lord 5

At this stage, it did not matter how the person smelled. As long as there was someone to give her back her sanity!

Gu Xijiu wanted to catch this man, but her hands and feet were all numb and were out of her control. She was nervous and afraid that the person would go away and leave her alone, so she tried to shout although her throat was hoarse. "Are you coming to judge me? Tell Gu Canmo I dont want to be a student in the Tianju Hall anymore. I am happy to confess myself as the murderer as long as they dont hurt the big mussel. The two men were not killed by it. If you give me two months, I will be able to find the real murderer"

She was afraid that she would pass out before expressing herself, so she talked continuously even though she was not sure if the person with her could make out what she was saying.

Her cramped fingers tried to grab the sleeve of this man, but yet again she failed. Sweat continued to drip down her forehead.

"Dont move." The man finally spoke. His voice was as clear as spring water, "Dont worry, I will seek justice for you."

Gu Xijiu tried to open her eyes to see the man clearly, but she could only see white.

"The Lord, do you want me to hold Miss Gu for you?" A voice sounded at the side.

The arms that were supporting her did not let go. The man said coldly, "I don't need your help!" No one dared to talk anymore.

Was this The Lord?!

Gu Xijiu tried to open her eyes again. Was she in an illusion?

There was a cool small bottle that came close to her dry lips, "Open your mouth."

Gu Xijiu subconsciously opened her mouth. The sweet water was poured into her mouth, and the moisture aided her dry throat before sliding down into her stomach.

Although it was only a sip of water, she finally regained consciousness and had some energy in her body. She could now see the person who was holding her.

He was wearing a snow white robe and a jade white mask on his face. The mask even covered his chin. He had long white hair like silver satin hanging down his head.

From Gu Xijiu's point of view, she could only see his eyes. He had a pair of blue eyes that looked like a deep sea. When he stared at people, it was very breathtaking.

The Lord? So this is The Lord

She did not expect him to come and rescue her. Gu Xijiu felt like she was in a dream. She tried to move; her body was still numb and sore. It felt like thousands of needles tingling in her skin.

"Are you feeling numb?" The Lord looked at her before he put his palm on her back and used his spiritual power to relieve the tingling sensation all over her body.

The Lord was holding her and walked out of the door. There were a few leaders in the Tianju Hall who followed behind him which included Gu Canmo.

Gu Canmo looked pale, and there was sweat on his forehead. He looked at Gu Xijiu who was very weak and slim in The Lords arm and tried to explain, "The Lord, she is the one who ordered the big mussel to kill people. I did not punish her after I caught her but just imprisoned her so that she could reflect on her sins. I did not know that she is so weak It is my fault too. I forgot that she did not get any food yet. When I recalled it and wanted to send her food, you were already here"