The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 51

Chapter 51: See You at Your Study Room

Rong Jialuo was stunned. He immediately took the paper crane. The paper crane was folded in a special way where it would leave an impact once it was opened. This was to avoid the letter being peeked by the person who delivered it.

Rong Jialuo soon unfolded the paper crane and when he read its content, he suddenly clenched his fist.

There were only two sentences on the paper but it was like thunder that struck through Rong Jialuos heart, "Your Highness, your mysterious disease is caused by a special poison. Please get someone to bid for that bracelet on my behalf and I will help you cure that poison in you."

A few years ago, Rong Jialuo was diagnosed with a mysterious disease. Whenever he practiced martial arts, his whole body would be in pain, as if his kidney was about to burst but he was fine the moment he stopped the practice.

He was in the midst of leveling up his martial arts and needed to practice it very frequently, or else the skill would turn rusty.

The reason why he held the rank of the first prince, was that he was the first talent in Feixing Kingdom.

If people knew that his skill was rusty, his position would be replaced immediately and most probably, he would even lose his life too.

For the last two years, he had been secretly seeking for medical treatment, but there was no one who could cure him.

They could not even diagnose the sickness in him.

He never expected that Gu Xijiu could actually detect the mysterious disease in him, even from afar.

His fingers slightly shook but he could still remain calm. He softly flipped the paper and it immediately burnt into ashes. Then, he ordered the guard beside him, "Bid the bracelet for me regardless of the price and then send it to me immediately."

Before walking out of the dining room, the guard uttered, "Yes, Your Highness."

Rong Jialuo thought about it briefly and talked to the servant who was still waiting, "Please invite the young man to come here."

The servant was very efficient. He came back in just a while and kneeled down in front of Rong Jialuo, "Your Highness, that young man had left but he did leave another paper crane on the table for you." He then handed the paper crane in his palm to Rong Jialuo.

Rong Jialuos face dimmed. He took the paper crane and unfolded it. There were only a few words,"I will meet you at your study room tomorrow night." The font was written with powerful strength and it was the same handwriting as the previous one.

Rong Jialuo's expression slightly changed. He immediately stood up and told the other guard to look for Gu Xijiu immediately and protect her stealthily, as well as investigate her background.

He well understood the temper of his fourth brother. He was afraid that he had already planned to kill Gu Xijiu and once she left the auction house, she might already be assassinated by Rong Chus men.

This person was his only hope to cure his mysterious disease, so there was no room for any mistakes.

This was also the reason why he asked the servant to invite Gu Xijiu to his dining room. He wanted her to stay beside him so he could protect her, but he never expected that she would leave...

Time passed slowly. The bracelet had also been successfully bid for and sent over to him. He held the bracelet in his palm but in his mind, there was nothing special about this bracelet.

After a while, the guard that he sent out to look for Gu Xijiu had finally returned. He reported with shame, "Your Highness, I am sorry that I could not find the young man."

Rong Jialuos expression changed and suddenly stood up, "How come?"