The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 511

Chapter 511: I Trust Her 2

His face was too well hidden under the mask. Gu Xijiu could only see his blue eyes. She could not even see their shape, yet she could somehow feel that she was attracted to his eyes.

The people from down below were done with the formal courtesies and were waiting for The Lord to command them to rise, but The Lord did not even pay attention to them.

He took a look at Gu Xijiu and said calmly, "Are you able to stand now?"

Gu Xijiu suddenly realized that she was still in his arms!

Gu Xijiu was not someone who was timid like a little bird to rest on a man. She was very independent and very alert.

She was used to keeping a distance from the people around her, especially with men. Unless necessary, she rarely got close to any man. At most, she would only tap on the shoulder of a friend. She would never be this close to any man.

If this happened before, even if she were being held in someones arms, she would immediately restrain herself from his embrace once she regained her consciousness. However, she was not sure what happened this time, as she was unaware that she was in his embrace even after such an extended period.

Everything felt natural as if being embraced by someone who was closest to her. Was it because she was not thinking straight after being imprisoned and starved for days?

Perhaps she had acknowledged herself as the follower of The Lord. The Lord would be her master, so perhaps she would just comply. Now that The Lord had emerged from the sky to come and save her from the abyss of misery in her difficult times, she must have taken him unknowingly as her closest parent.

Perhaps deep down, she still hoped to receive some fatherly love.

Because she was chained and starved for too long, her body was slightly flaccid as she tried to stand. Eventually, she managed to stand firmly.

She was unsure whether she should honor The Lord with a respectful courtesy. The observant messenger, Jiangshan, immediately moved a big chair that was covered in silk and put it in a position lower than The Lord so that Gu Xijiu could sit.

Gu Xijiu looked at The Lord. His figure resembled a jade statue. She could feel the chill around his body at this time. The Lord nodded at her, so she sat down unreservedly.

She did not know what The Lord had given her to eat when she was unconscious, but she could feel a significant improvement. She was slowly regaining her strength.

Only then, The Lord finally looked at those people who were kneeling below. He did not let them rise. Instead, he threw his eye on Gu Canmo and said, "I will take up the matter personally. Dont worry. I will not favor any side, and I will decide the case according to what is just. You can hear the case in my presence."

The ones who were kneeling, included the head of the Tianju Hall, the elder of the penalty hall, all major and minor officials, personnel, as well as teachers. Everyone felt uncomfortable as they took a look at Gu Xijiu who was sitting high up and then took a look at themselves kneeling on the ground.

The wanted to ask The Lord, "Is it appropriate that a criminal should sit high and above while the judges of the place were all kneeling down below?" However, they would not dare to mention a word, as they had imprisoned the follower of The Lord in the first place.

Gu Canmo immediately straightened himself, as he felt that he was indeed on the right side. Although The Lord did not usually get involved in the issues of the Tianju Hall, he would still be fair without favoring any party when he encountered great matters.

Only because of that did Gu Canmo dare to imprison Gu Xijiu. Even if a royalty violated the law, he must be punished equally like an ordinary man. Furthermore, Gu Xijiu was no royalty; she was merely a follower of The Lord.

He coughed a little, adjusted his words, and started to describe everything in a thoroughly well put manner. His logical thinking was strong, and he had a significant amount of evidence in his hands as well.