The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 513

Chapter 513: I Trust Her 4

The Lord was wearing a mask, so others could not see his expressions. Before he could say a word, an elder of the penalty hall, who was still kneeling, had already started to reprimand Gu Xijiu, "Gu Xijiu, how dare you look at The Lord directly with your head held high without The Lords permission! Youre a follower of The Lord, and you dont know about this rule?"

Gu Xijius heart skipped a beat. She clearly knew about this rule. She had only forgotten it after being in a state of shock. She put her head down slightly and said, "I"

"I? Youre going to address yourself as I in front of The Lord?" Asked the elder, not letting the matter go.

Gu Xijiu started to sweat all over her head. She did not expect that she would be making so many mistakes. Even though this mistake seemed to be considered insignificant, if The Lord decided to blame her for the mistakes she had made, it would be a death penalty for her.

She must have been dazed because of her hunger. She had always been smart, but now, she kept making these illogical mistakes. Before she could muster up the courage to explain herself further, The Lord had already said something and asked a question that was seemingly irrelevant, "Why is your voice still hoarse?"

Gu Xijiu did not know what to say. She screamed in the cell for three consecutive days. How could her voice not be hoarse? Fortunately, she had consumed a proper remedy beforehand. Otherwise, her throat would still be swollen and it would be difficult for her even to speak.

The Lord stretched out his hand and reached for her with a bright-red pill in his hand, "Eat it."

The pill shimmered faintly with seven colored-rays. Everyone was shocked at the sight of the pill. It was a level-nine pill! A legendary level-nine pill! There was neither a price nor market for it. One single pill was enough to cause a war between two countries. However, The Lord was simply giving the pill away to a little girl.

Gu Xijiu accepted the pill under the watchful eyes of the people around them and consumed it. There was a sense of relief spreading across her throat, like a dying flower being nourished with the essence of the sweet dew. The burning sensation in her throat had finally faded away.

"How do you feel?" asked The Lord, while looking at her.

"Im feeling better now." Gu Xijius voice was much clearer now and pleasant to hear.

The Lord nodded a little, "Dont speak if youre still feeling uncomfortable."

"Alright Yes," said Gu Xijiu.

He then returned his attention to the elder, "I don't need you to teach my own follower!" The elder was out of words. It was him who was trembling in cold sweats this time.

Icily, the punisher next to The Lord said, "My Lord will teach his follower personally, what makes you think he needs an outsider to interrupt? How dare you reprimand The Lords follower in front of him, do you wish to die?"

As sweats filled all over the elders face, he kneeled and gave The Lord a kowtow, "I know Ive made a mistake, please punish me."

However, The Lord did not even bother to look at him. His voice was still icily cold, "Well talk about the punishment later. We shall proceed with the proper business now." Calmly, he instructed messenger Jiangshan, "Go and examine the body." He then instructed the Punisher, "Youll go and check the scene." Both of them accepted their commands and went off.

The Lord took out a chessboard out of nowhere and started playing with it to distract himself from boredom.

Gu Xijiu was quiet. The rest of the people did not know what to say. The way in which The Lord handled the case was straightforward and fierce, and the room was quiet all of a sudden. They could sometimes hear the clear sound of the chess pieces being placed on the chessboard by The Lord.

Gu Xijiu did not feel anything, as she was sitting comfortably in the big chair. However, it was torture for other people, as they were still kneeling.

The construction of the floor in this room was an exceptional style. Because the room was used to judge guilty disciples, the floor was thus covered with a type of stone with rough surfaces to display the severity and power of the official to these disciples. Even walking on it would cause a lot of pain let alone kneeling.