The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 514

Chapter 514: I Trust Her 5

It was a very intense experience for the disciples to kneel here and all of them suffered to the extent they would rather die. In less than 15 minutes, all their knees would be swollen as big as a 'mantou.' It was because they needed to show their sincerity to The Lord. Hence, they could not protect themselves with their spiritual power even though they could.

The disciples of Tianju Hall were afraid to kneel here.

However, most of the heads of departments were kneeling there. None of them dared to get up or use their spiritual power without The Lord's permission. Thus, most of them were secretly crying deep inside their hearts.

They were hoping that the two people whom The Lord sent out earlier would quickly return. Unfortunately, both of his messengers were detailed-oriented persons. The one who was sent to examine the corpse was investigating the cell combination of the bodies, and the one in-charge of forensics was checking on every single plant.

In conclusion, they had gone for two hours and had yet to return.

All of the heads of the Tianju Hall were going to lose their knees soon!

When the hall was first built, they were worried the stones were not sharp enough, but now all of them could not wait to flatten it!

Gu Xijiu slowly regained her energy while the rest of them were suffering. She suspected that The Lord had fed her with a thousand-year-old Ling Zhi (herb fungus) or a certain super old ginseng, as she felt that she was going to die earlier but was now so energetic! Even her stomach was no longer upset.

She was still worried about her mussel and her other majestic beings. When she was about to ask Gu Canmo, a high pitch voice came from the outside, "Why are you bringing me here! Why is this horse here? That looks like a pot! Are you going to stew me? You know, I look young, but Im poisonous!"

Gu Xijiu was speechless while Gu Canmos nerve on his forehead was pounding! As Gu Canmo designed the hall and he was proud of it! The unique structure removed the spiritual power of those who were lower than level eight. The exterior design indeed looked like a pot, but no one had the guts to say it.

Gu Xijiu felt slightly relieved; it should be fine if it could still talk so much crap. A moment later, the mussel was carried by the two disciples from the penalty department. The mussel had grown bigger; one person could not manage to move it. Hence, both of them needed to carry it.

The mussel tried to close its shell tightly as it was afraid it would get stewed. It even used its Density Shift ability which caused both disciples around it to keep sweating. This was especially apparent when they entered the hall as they lost their spiritual power. With limited internal force, they found that the mussel was as heavy as a mountain and they almost dropped it on the floor.

"Mussel!" Gu Xijiu shouted.

"Phewww!" The mussel suddenly opened its shell, and a little kid came out. It immediately opened its eyes widely and screamed as it saw Gu Xijiu, "Master!"

The mussel tried its best to escape from the two disciples and rolled towards Gu Xijiu. At the moment, no one dared to block its way. The little kid came out from its shell and hugged Gu Xijius leg and cried, "Master, they said Ive killed the two trashes! I didnt! I wouldnt keep their corpse if I did. Wuwuwu Id have eaten them! I was trying so hard not to eat all this while"

Gu Xijiu patted on its shell and said, "Don't worry, I know it was not you. You were with me that night."

"They even forced me to admit that youre the mastermind, and they even accused us of being in the same group of snake and rat (a Chinese idiom similar to carrying the same DNA). But we are actually a group of human and mussel"