The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 517

Chapter 517: Self-Embarrassed

Now, two students had died and hence, the murderer should be executed publicly. Everyone looked at The Lord. Even Gu Xijiu looked at The Lord with a miserable expression.

She knew she was not the murderer but the trap was too perfect for her to find a flaw and she failed to prove her innocence. Thus, she was embarrassed. She appeared guilty and felt sorry for his trust. Would The Lord feel disappointed by her?

She held her breath, that was the first time she felt so embarrassed in her life. However, The Lord seemed to be very calm as though he did not give a sh*t. He continued playing chess despite their remarks!

All that could be heard was the sound of the chess pieces landing on the board. Gu Canmo was trying to guess what was in the The Lords mind. The Lord had only one disciple, and he told everyone that he trusted her. However, the outcome was embarrassing and felt like he was publicly slapped in the face by his follower. The people suspected that The Lord was probably seeking a way to get rid of this matter as he remained silent for quite a while.

Perhaps, only Gu Canmo could help him at this moment. Although Gu Canmo was still upset, he could not let The Lord feel embarrassed. Thus, he spoke to Gu Xijiu, "Gu Xijiu, perhaps I guess you didn't know the truth, but it is proven that the mussel had killed the two brothers! It needs to be executed, and you"

He took a glimpse of The Lord before he continued but did not see any response from him. Therefore, he became more firm, "You failed to handle your majestic beings and didnt learn your lesson, this is such a shame for The Lord! You have embarrassed The Lord as well. You dont deserve to stay in the Tianju Hall, and you dont even deserve the chance to sit in to listen to any class! Of course, it's rather shameful for you to be The Lords disciple. Hence, you should stand down if you know youre wrong."

He continued, "Ill call for a conference in the Tianju Hall and give you a chance to learn from your past mistakes since youre still young. Ill forgive you if youre willing to apologize publicly and sign an agreement indicating that you will never enter the Tianju Hall again. Also, you need to apologize to everyone and admit that you dont deserve to be the Lords disciple and you will never tell anyone youre The Lords disciple in the future"

He then took a peek at The Lord who was still playing chess as though he did not hear anything. Did that mean he agreed with what he said?

Gu Canmo continued with his pride restored, "Of course, your life could be spared, but we cant waive the punishment. Ill remove your Kung Fu and send you back to the Generals residence. At least you can still be a rich lady and marry someone even though you lose all your Kung Fu; it is still considered a good ending."

Gu Xijiu remained silent. Was Gu Canmo was planning to send her back to her original state!? That was even worse than when she was nothing! In the old times, she was known for being a lousy person and being ugly. However, she would be more insulted if she just returned like this and there was no opportunity for her to rise again!

She could not help but look at The Lord. Gu Canmo has indeed helped to reduce the embarrassment. The Lord would be able to preserve his reputation if he decided to give up on Gu Xijiu.

What would he do?

"Da!" The last chess piece in The Lords fingertips had landed. He raised his head and looked at Gu Canmo, "Have you finished?"

No one could differentiate his emotion from his voice, and even Gu Canmo could not foresee his message now. He carefully nodded, "Yes, I'm done. I feel this is the best solution."