The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 518

Chapter 518: Self-Embarrassed 2

The Lord was knocking on the chessboard and spoke calmly like the falling petals from the tree.

However, what he said was terrific to Gu Canmo, "Best solution? Since when did my disciple ever need your permission to stay or go? Do you think I don't exist?"

Gu Canmos tanned face had turned red; with many droplets of sweat all over his forehead, "This I thought"

He thought he was helping The Lord to reduce his embarrassment! But he dared not say it.

The Lord slowly got up and looked at him from a higher altitude, "You thought? You think this is a game? Could you simply take a life away? And you can simply end a case like this?"

Gu Canmo initially thought The Lord interrogated him due to Gu Xijiu's heavy penalty, but he was not sure now, "So, whats in your mind, Lord?"

"An intensive investigation! Find the murderer!" The Lord said.

Gu Canmo was delighted that his eyes were shining!

He thought The Lord would be biased but he was surprised by what The Lord had said.

The Lord was indeed a great person! Honest and fair!

Gu Canmo glared at the mussel!

The mussel quickly closed the shell, "Ive told you, not me!"

"The Lord, it refused to admit, what should we do?" Gu Canmo asked.

"Get two students from Liuyun Hall. Both of them must have similar power as the dead students, I have something to ask them."

Gu Canmo was pumped up and quickly got someone to bring them.

The two students came after a while.

The bowed and greeted The Lord.

The Lord did not let them kneel but waved to allow them to rise. "Compared to Fan Zijun and Ding Wenyang, is your Kung Fu better or theirs?" Fan Zijun and Ding Wenyang were the dead students.

Both of the students were very humble, "It should be about the same."

The Lord was satisfied with their answer and ordered, "Arrest the clam!"

Gu Xijiu was speechless.

Her expression changed and was ready to stand up. Suddenly, she hears a message via telepathy, "Be patient! Listen to me if you want to find out the truth."

The voice was soft and calm; it was The Lord.

Gu Xijiu felt a warmth in her heart as he had still trusted her until this day!

She was a smart person and immediately got his message after a short ponder.

No one would ever go against The Lord's order. Two of them did not know what The Lord wanted but agreed to obey the order. They turned around and brandished their sword from the sheath and struck it towards the mussel...

The mussel was in a rage.

It had not been accused of such a great sin and was being wronged before, since it had spiritual knowledge.

In its heart, eating a human was not a big deal and it would definitely admit it if it ate them.

The problem was that it tried its best not to eat them and even to let them go. However, these people did not even know the psychological conflict it had in his mind before making the decision to let them go...

If it knew the outcome, it would have really stuffed them into its stomach and would not even leave a single hair of theirs!

As it would die regardless, it might as well do something realistic and beneficial to itself!

Strangely, it was injured due to the abuse and its spiritual power was sealed. However, it felt so much better after its owner applied medicine on it. The most strange thing was that its spiritual power had returned!