The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 519

Chapter 519: Self-Embarrassed 3

Now, it could fight! It would rather die from fighting than being made into stew! The mussel is coming!

Therefore, the hall had become a battlefield with a multitude of rays flashing around.

Gu Canmo was wondering why the spiritual power of the mussel and the two students were not sealed as the hall could actually prohibit beings who had spiritual power lower than a level eight from using their spiritual power

Since the hall has become a battlefield and Gu Canmo and his people were still kneeling on the floor, it was difficult for them not to get hurt. Thus, they were thinking to get up.

However, The Lord has frozen their action with a phrase, "Four of you, build a wizardry barrier so that they won't hurt the innocent ones."

Therefore, the four messengers had built a strong wizardry barrier. Everyone was outside the barrier except the two students and the mussel who were fighting with each other.

Gu Canmo and the rest cried as they could not find any other excuse to get up and they needed to kneel down again.

The mussel was brave and its shell was very hard, however, moving at a slow pace was its weakest point, hence, it had never competed with speed.

After two rounds of battle, its shell got cut twice and it immediately used its ultimate magic. It blew out a black mist and engulfed the two students...

Thus, the two students were like being possessed by foreign spirits and began to get excited and depressed internally, got into a fit of rage and scolded each other.

The students from Liuyun class seemed to have hated their teacher very much as they kept cursing him, claiming him to be an evil person...

They even revealed the teacher's bad deeds such as teasing the female students or even being obscene with the male students. However, he threatened the students saying that he would find a reason to kick them out of the school or torture them.

The teacher with a family name of Zhi was very mad. Blood was rushing up to his face when he realized everyone was looking at him, "Nonsense! It is all nonsense! It must be the mussel which made them create rumours!"

Nobody bothered him and the teacher suddenly stood up and rushed towards the battlefield, "Im going to kill this mussel!"

He almost lost his legs due to the long kneel but he still tried his best to rush towards them. He then slumped on the wizardry barrier and bounced back, almost falling on the floor.

Messenger Chenge placed one of his arms on the teacher's' shoulder and said gently, "Kneel!"

He then knelt again.

He explained, "I just wanted to kill the mussel."

Messenger Chenge was still very gentle, "Others will do." He then sealed the acupoints of the teacher so that he could not disturb them anymore.

The people in Tianju Hall were all experienced masters - how could they not know the truth? The teacher definitely did it!

Gu Canmo was ashamed as Teacher Zhi was his favorite student. Although he was not outspoken, he was very strict to the students. It was beyond Gu Canmo's expectation that Teacher Zhi would do such a thing...

Initially, they were there to judge Gu Xijius guilt, however, it has indirectly revealed the scandal and it made Gu Canmo felt extremely ashamed.

It was extremely difficult to get out from the illusion once they fell into it, even the two students were the same. Very soon, they had arrived at the last scene of the illusion and stretched their hands out to reach someone they trusted the most...

They stretched their arms to the mussel and held it. The mussel was still very mad and it transformed into the size of a small house, opened its mouth and stuffed the two students into its mouth...