The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 52

Chapter 52: Sudden Disappearance?

The brigade of guards around him were his henchmen. They not only possessed profound skills in martial arts but were also bold and cautious. They worked steadily and their tracking techniques were also first class.

If they were to track someone, it was impossible that they would fail to do so. However, now that they were not able to find that young man, most probably that person had already been killed or was hijacked by Rong Chus men.

"Are there any movements from the fourth prince's side?" Rong Jialuo asked, in all seriousness.

"Your Highness, the fourth prince is also still looking for that young man"

Rong Jialuo remained silent.

At the same time, inside the other dining room, Rong Chu had been very unhappy. He slammed his palm on the table until the plates fell down and broke into pieces.

"Such a group of useless people! How could you lose track of that person? I had already ordered you all to block all the exits right?! "

He was very keen to get the Illusion Weed. When Gu Xijiu rejected his deal, he had already secretly ordered his men to block all the exits so that once she stepped out from the auction house, his men could immediately track her down or kill her.

He thought that his plan was perfect, but he never expected that she could actually disappear so suddenly.

The guard who was in charge of this matter started to perspire and said, "I am sorry that I am incompetent. However, I have sealed all the exits but I really did not see anyone coming out from the door. The strange thing was, I had already assigned someone to spy on the dining room on the second floor so that once that person stepped out from the room, we could immediately detect it. However, those few people on the second floor claimed that they never saw anyone walk out from the room. That young man had seemed to disappear so abruptly the dining room"

Rong Chu remained silent.

Suddenly disappeared?

Even if there was someone who had this kind of ability, he or she had to be at least a level nine of talent. However, it was really rare to see such a talent in this continent and the number of them could be counted with a mere ten fingers.

Even the so-called most talented Rong Jialuo had not even reached such a level yet. He did not believe that an ordinary looking and a petite young man had such a high ability.

Rong Chu was in a very bad mood because his plan had been ruined.

Just at that moment, another guard that he sent to track the first young man also came back with bad news. Apparently, his guards had lost track of that young man too.

Rong Chu was simply furious!

He first disposed the few ineffective guards and then he immediately ordered all his men in the city to search for the two men who actually dared to foil his plan.

Rong Chu had a very strong authority in the country. He not only owned a team in the royal military but also controlled the most powerful organization in Feixing Kingdom the Dark Barrack.

This organization was formed by all elite but brutal bailiffs. The way they tortured people was the best, as well as their tracking techniques. Once they eyed someone, there was no way that the victim would escape from them.

There were also many talents besides Rong Chu, one of them was skilled at drawing. Therefore, he immediately ordered the talented guard to draw a portrait of Gu Xijiu and the young man, so that they could distribute it to the Dark Barrack.

Once the order from Rong Chu had been passed down, there were numerous bailiffs from the Dark Barrack who had began searching throughout the city