The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 521

Chapter 521: Self-Embarrassed 5

Gu Xijiu had listed all the evidence one by one and all information came from messenger Shangshan and Chenge, as well as the verification from the autopsy expert. There was no room for anyone to argue or disagree anymore.

Both of the students were not killed by the mussel but someone else!

Which meant that Gu Xijiu and the mussel had been wronged!

"Anyone else still wants to accuse her?" The Lord's gaze moved around in the hall and asked as he knocked on the chessboard.

Gu Canmo and his people lowered their head.

"You have nothing to say after accusing people with zero solid proof!?" The Lord stared at Gu Canmo and his team, "Does that mean youre only capable to bully a little girl?"

Gu Canmos face had turned purplish, as though it was an eggplant!

He has never committed such a terrible mistake before!

He almost caused the little girl to suffer from injustice and almost ruined her bright future!

He bowed to Gu Xijiu as an apology, "My sincere apologies Miss Gu. I'm sorry to cause you such trouble."

The rest felt the same and quickly apologized to Gu Xijiu...

These people were all experienced leaders in the mainland who was able to stir chaos easily. It was such a huge honor for Gu Xijiu to have all of them apologize to her.

Gu Xijiu remained silent. How could her injuries and sadness be relieved by a simple apology?

She and the mussel almost died here! If The Lord did not come in time, would she have the chance to save her own life?

Those people would not even allow her to investigate the case by herself!

They did not give any opportunity to her at all!

Her body was still numb and all the bruises caused by the Magic Chain were still on her skin. Even the injuries on the mussel due to the private punishment were still there...

She knew she should not cross the line as she was just a small fry and it was not beneficial to her had she offended those people. However, she could not just wipe away the madness and insult they caused with just a a smile...

She grabbed her fist and was ready to speak.

The mussel had voiced out with its fierce glare, "So you think an apology was sincere enough to compensate? You've beaten me, poked me with a needle and burned my flesh! Am I supposed to let you abuse nothing!? And my master was locked with nothing in return?!"

Gu Canmo looked at The Lord, The Lord said with an icy tone, "Do you have anything else for my disciple?"

The mussel had a relatively good memory and immediately said, "Oh right! Didn't you promise my master that you would try every single punishment I experienced before if we are discovered to be innocent?! Also, you promised The Lord you'll stay in somewhere with the idiotic chain for 30 days without eating and drinking!" It remembered everything!

Gu Canmo was speechless.

His face was burning when the mussel reprimanded him. However, everything the mussel said was right and he could not argue with it. He secretly took a deep breath, "Don't worry, I'll accept all the punishments with no discount."

The mussel immediately took advantage of the situation, "I want to be the inspector!" It wanted to make sure it was done properly.

The crowd remained silent.

Gu Canmo was the leader of Tianju Hall. He was always strict and serious, and he hardly talked or smiled.

All this while, he was the one who punished people but he had never been punished before. Perhaps, no one dared to punish him.

And now he needed to accept the punishment, but a few leaders from the penalty department planned to reduce the punishment. However, it was not possible anymore as the mussel was the inspector and it would definitely be able to sense if they were going to help Gu Canmo.

We are sorry, brother!

Gu Canmo replied, "Don't worry, I'm always a fair person and I don't indulge in tricks. No one would secretly help no matter who the inspector is. I'd bear all the responsibilities for my mistakes."