The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 53

Chapter 53: Catching Her in His Next Life!

The bailiffs from the Dark Barrack had been the bullies of the city. They always tried to stir some trouble during their free time. Now that they were sent orders from the fourth prince, they were even more unscrupulous. They broke down the doors of the families to search for the two wanted men. In just a while, they created much chaos in the city.

Rong Chu thought that he would be able to catch the two men under such an intensive search and he believed that his men would certainly bring him some good news. He planned to tie the two men and disposed of them as per his wish. However, after a long night of waiting, the result turned out to be less than favorable.

And now, one of "culprits", Gu Xijiu, was already lying on her bed.

When she sent the servant to send the paper crane to Rong Jialuo, she already knew that he would bid the bracelet for her so there was no reason for her to stay there waiting. She then used her teleportation skill and disappeared from that room to leave the auction house.

Her teleportation skill improved as compared to how it was previously. This time, she could teleport to two streets away from her original spot, so naturally, she did not need to go through the exits of the auction house.

When she came out from the auction house, she looked back and smiled in jest.

She knew that Rong Chu would definitely ambush her at the exits and attack her. However, it was not an easy job. If he wanted to catch her, he would probably need to wait until his next life.

Her mission was almost done, so she simply used her teleportation skill to go straight back home. When she appeared again, she was already in her own bedroom.

Her servants and maid were all busy outside her room. Without her orders, no one had dared to enter her room, thus, naturally, no one would ever find out if she had left the room.

She had taken off her disguise and reverted to her original appearance. She also ordered her servants to boil water so that she could happily enjoy a petal bath. After she dried her hair, she went to bed.

She took out the crystal box from her sleeves and slowly observed.

The 3,000-year-old Illusion Weed was sitting quietly in the box and slightly glowing in pink.

She carefully observed and confirmed that it was indeed an authentic Illusion Weed, like what the holy lady, Gu Xixi said.

In fact, when she had it in her hand, she had actually thought that it could probably be a deliberate mischief of that young man. She thought that it was only a ten or hundred-year-old Illusion Weed, and had been camouflaged by him.

Now that she had checked the weed thoroughly, she could confirm that there was no trace of foul play.

She had never expected that the young man had actually sold such a precious herb to her at such a low price. It was no different from giving it to her for free. She had her doubts and could not put her finger on what the intentions of that young man were.

Gu Xijiu never expected that she could get such a good deal in the auction house, let alone for something that she desperately wanted.

Her fingertips touched the weed. It had the features of a mimosa. Once it was touched, the two leaves on the top immediately closed and wrapped her finger up, while the rest of the leaves were swaying as if they were dancing. It seemed like the weed actually had some spirituality in it.

Of course, such a precious material was only safe after she swallowed it right into her stomach.

However, in order to cure her weakened constitution, she had to find a few more herbs and cook them together before it could take effect. Thus, she still could not take the herb now.

Maybe she should prioritize her task - to attain more herbs in her day-to-day agenda.