The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 534

Chapter 534: The Lords Grace 4

Gu Xijiu now realized that it was just her feelings. In the end, the entire fiasco was just a show directed by Long Xi. Strangely, she used to feel very sad and even had a heartache every single time she thought about the betrayal. Usually, she would feel pain, mad, and irritated, as though someone has poked a needle into her heart. However, this time was different. Although she still felt a bit sad, it was less painful. Perhaps the wound was going to heal. Perhaps time was the best medicine for grief, and the pain was slowly fading away.

She remained silent for quite a while. The Lords gaze seemed to be weird and then cold. "Is this a very difficult question?"

Gu Xijiu has finally regained her consciousness and smiled, "Love or not; it doesnt matter anymore. It is over, and we will no longer be together. Oh ya, My Lord, I thought we were supposed to talk about the culprit?What do you think about my analysis earlier?" She tried to distract him.

"Your analysis is quite good." The Lord stood up, "Gu Xijiu, youre quite smart huh? Lets go!" He walked away.

What kind of answer was that!? Gu Xijiu was annoyed, but she could only follow him.


Gu Xijiu knew The Lord had ordered his messengers to build a house. However, she did not manage to see the design as she had to follow The Lord in a hurry. In her heart, she wished the new house was made of bricks, and the roof was made of tiles. Perhaps, a fence around the house would be great. However, when she saw the building from far, she realized The Lord had built a garden for her!

There were three entrances and three exits with a basilica in each courtyard. Every basilica was different but overall looked perfect!

There was even a training field! A brook was built and extended to the backyard. There were many different flowers in the backyard with an arc-shape stone bridge above the brook. Many fishes were swimming in the brook when they arrived.

Gu Xijiu and The Lord were standing on a small hill. They were watching the entire compound and Gu Xijiu was amazed by the scene.

He deserved to be a god! And his messengers were like his fairies! Amazing! It must be built by wizards! Otherwise, how could they build such a nice mansion in two hours!?

A few people were standing in front of the main entrance. When she looked properly, she realized Long Siye was there! He was there! And Rong Che! He came back!

Of course, Gu Canmo and the other elders were there as well.

The main door was closed, and a few of them were standing outside. She did not know what were they talking about, but it seemed to be a pleasant conversation.

Gu Xijiu wanted to go down, but she stopped after she recognized them.

"Youre afraid of Long Siye?" The Lord asked.

Are you kidding? She did not owe him anything! Gu Xijiu twitched her mouth and smiled, "Why should I? You overthink."

"Great, lets go down." The Lord pulled her and flew down.

Gu Xijiu felt that The Lord must have used certain skills related to teleportation as she felt her vision was blurry when he began to fly. However, when she could see clearly again, they had landed in front of the mansion.

Everyone knelt down to greet The Lord. Gu Xijiu did not want their greeting, so she quickly moved away. However, she did not know her waist string got tied together with the ones on The Lords robe. She was not able to move away but instead fell into The Lords arm.