The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 539

Chapter 539: Invasion

Gu Xijiu twitched her lips and bid goodbye.

Before she left, she turned back and caught a glimpse.

The Lord was sitting there with his eyes closed. His hair was snowy white, resembling a glowing waterfall.

It was just an average scene but Gu Xijiu felt somewhat pitiful.

Did he feel lonely? He was such a mighty person but was forlorn and friendless.

It was just like one of the characters in the novel of Jin Yong, Du Gu Qiubai...


She was idling and almost crashed into messenger Shangshan who came in a hurry. Subconsciously, she tried to avoid and messenger Shangshan did the same. Therefore, both of them still crashed into one another...

Gu Xijiu crashed into messenger Shangshans arms and he almost got flung away.

Messenger Shangshan was shocked and quickly held her. He then jumped backward but accidentally tripped on the pavement and fell.

Gu Xijiu was speechless.

Although they were not supposed to have physical contact and it was normal for messenger Shangshan to avoid her, but his reaction was a bit too much.

At that very moment, she was thinking about messenger Shangshan's reaction. He had already reported to The Lord, "My Lord, Yun Qingluo is seeking for entry approval."

Gu Xijiu slowed her footsteps down; why would Yun Qingluo come at this time?

The Lord casually said, "Tell her that she is not qualified to see me now."

Messenger Shangshan responded and was ready to leave.

"As the messenger still so clumsy, I'll mince your hands and legs if you crash into someone again." The Lord said casually, but what he said had made messenger Shangshan shiver.

Was The Lord upset that he crashed into Gu Xijiu? *Sniff* he did not mean to do so, it was an accident.

Messenger Shangshan was sad and left after responding to The Lord.

He felt a bit upset. Initially, he did not want to report when Yun Qingluo came, but she kept mentioning that she was the heavens gift disciple and had to pay a visit since The Lord was here.

The Lord told them how all the heavens gift disciples were vital, and that they must report it as soon as possible. Therefore, he quickly reported it but returned with a lot of accusations!


Initially, Gu Xijiu wanted to return to her courtyard to rest. However, she thought about the mussel, Lu Wu, and Wind Caller.

Since she was saved from prison, she had not had the chance to talk to them yet, especially the mussel, it must be starving. She wondered whether it thought of eating humans...

She came to the foreyard in hopes of picking all three up.

However, she could not find the three of them. Messenger Chenge told her that the mussel had fed itself a lot of food, but it felt that the bad luck was still attached to itself so it went to the stream for a bath. Not only the mussel, but the Wind Caller and Lu Wu had also tagged along They insisted to wash up before they see their master...

Gu Xijiu left the foreyard and walked towards the brook.

Right after she stepped out of the main entrance, she saw messenger Shangshan asking Yun Qingluo to leave.

Yun Qingluo was wearing a light purple dress, and had light makeup on. Apparently, she had put some effort to dress up before she came.

It made Gu Xijiu thought of a phrase, Meeting her Lord with crescent brows.

She did not want to talk to Yun Qingluo, so she walked very quickly. However, Yun Qingluo spotted her and greeted, "Miss Gu"

Gu Xijiu was lazy to talk to her, hence, she nodded in acknowledgement and walked towards the brook.

"Miss Gu, can we go for a walk together?" Yun Qingluo asked and hurried her footsteps even before Gu Xijiu even had the chance to reply.