The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 542

Chapter 542: Invasion 4

Suddenly, the arm was sore as though it was clipped by something. It was at this very moment that she finally woke up in sweat.

When she opened her eyes, she saw the big mussel.

"Master, you are finally awake!" the baby in the big mussel was looking at her, "If you are still not awake, I would've cut your arm off already!"

Gu Xijiu remained silent. Now she knew that she woke up from the dream because of the clip of the big mussel.

Her arm was hurt badly. Apparently, the big mussel was clipping her very hard. She was frustrated and did not know why the big mussel had to wake her up so violently as she was just having a nightmare.

No, something was not right. Usually, she would not be in such a deep sleep no matter how tired she was. What was wrong with her this time?

She looked at the big mussel. The big mussel was a bit proud, "Damn it. Someone actually dared to use the illusion tactic in front of me! I am an expert in destroying illusions!"

Gu Xijiu was shocked, "A dream illusion?"

"Yes, master. You were almost controlled by the dream illusion. Fortunately, I realized something was not right and immediately destroyed the illusion to wake you up"

So, it had appeared to be just a dream illusion, and was not what actually happened

Gu Xijiu wiped the sweat from her forehead and did not know if she was glad or disappointed.

She stared at the big mussel, "So the way you remove the illusion was to clip me with your shell?"

The big mussel said confidently, "I have called you for a few times but you were sleeping tightly like a pig so I had to use my shell to clip you. You dont underestimate my shell, it has the magical effect to remove illusion spell"

Gu Xijiu jumped out of bed and tried to exercise her arm.

It really hurt! She estimated that her arm was probably internally bruised.

But she did not care about it now, as her mind was somewhere else. The place she stayed at could be said as the safest place in the world. Who was the one that could control her through the dream illusion, especially without getting noticed?

She listened carefully. The wind and rain outside were still strong but it sounded a tad abnormal

She could even sense the chill from the gap within the windows.

She thought of something and went out from the window.

It was even chillier outside the house. She could even feel the chillness in the rain.

Fortunately, Gu Xijius spiritual power had reached a level five. She switched on the protective aura of her body so that the rain would not wt her body but split into two before even coming into contact with her head.

She stayed at the backyard of the house. The wall was high and there was a complex spell drawn on the wall. When it rained, there was an invisible barrier that sheltered her and did not penetrate the wall.

The abnormal sound came from the other side of the wall. It sounded like there was a fight out there.

Gu Xijiu was skillful and bold. She immediately flew and landed on top of the wall. Upon watching what happened outside, she was shocked.

There was a group of grim-looking white people attacking her house. These white people looked very strange, as though their facial features had been drawn by a pen. Their faces were as white as their clothes and their limbs were very soft, and snake-like.

The martial arts used by these strange white people were odd, but not weak. The strangest thing was that they were all quiet. Even when they were cut into two, they did not scream nor bleed. What they did was just to run forward and forward again!

The person who was stopping them was messenger Chenge

It was only now that Gu Xijiu got to see his martial arts.