The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 545

Chapter 545: Invasion 7

Gu Xijiu slightly nodded, "I am alright. Thanks for your concern." She was used to acting cool towards him.

Long Siye's heart was slightly hurt, the type where you could see it from his eyes, but he smiled nonetheless, "Good to hear that."

He was in a rush when he arrived. Now, he was back to normal. He glanced through the white people and frowned, "What are these things?"

"They are knowledgeable little demons; they are afraid of fire." Gu Xijiu explained. When she was about to continue, Long Siye already understood, "I will join forces with you to destroy all of them!"

Before he finished his sentence, he had already issued a fire flame from his palm

Although he was majored in the wood element of spiritual power, his fire element of spiritual power was strong too.

The fire was bright and expanded to several feet away. Coupled with Gu Xijiu's Whirlwind Power, the fire immediately formed a circle and surrounded the white people.

Whatever the fire touched, it would burn the white people into ashes.

Both of them had cooperated once previously, so this time when they cooperated, it was even more perfect. Without the need to express, they could understand each other with just a gesture and immediately adjusted their fighting strategy

Gu Xijiu and Long Siye were fighting intensely in the battlefield and Messenger Chenge appeared to be redundant in this case.

He knew that he should take this opportunity to identify the culprit, but when he saw the cooperation between the two, he could not move his feet.

He thought that if The Lord had saw this scene, he would have killed Long Siye

Messenger Chenge also thought that he should have practiced his fire element spiritual power more so that he would not be so embarrassed or appear redundant in this case.

Once they identified the weakness of the white people, it was easier for Gu Xijiu and Long Siye to defeat the enemies. All the white people were burned by the fire into ashes and when both of them stopped, there was no single white person alive.

Gu Xijiu and Long Siye landed on the ground at the same time. Gu Xijiu was a bit exhausted whilst Long Siye looked relaxed and at ease.

"Are you tired?" Long Siye asked her with his shiny eyes.

Gu Xijius heart shook. She did not know what the feeling was in her heart.

They could partner so well when they fought the enemies together, as though they had never parted ways before

She felt irritated and did not want to talk much to him, "Lets go and identify the culprit!" then she flashed and flew southeast.

Long Siye and Messenger Chenge looked at each other and immediately followed her.


When Gu Xijiu found the culprit in a jungle southeast, she was shocked!

They were Rong Che and Yun Qingluo!

Two of them were sitting on the ground. When Yun Qingluo flashed her sleeve, a white paper man came out, and Rong Che drew the eyes and eyebrows on its face. Then, the white paper man turned into a white person and ran out from the jungle.

Gu Xijiu was not surprised to see Yun Qingluo but Rong Che Why would Rong Che be with Yun Qingluo? Why would he want to attack her with so many white people?

Both of them were alerted when Gu Xijiu arrived at the jungle. They raised their face and when they saw Gu Xijiu, Yun Qingluos eyes turned red and Rong Ches eyes were black!

Two of them were flying over like a ghost towards Gu Xijiu and wanted to attack her.

When they started the attack, Gu Xijiu knew that it was a bad idea.

Both of their skills were too impressive

She never fought with Yun Qingluo before, so she did not know how good she was. However, she could anticipate Rong Che's skillsas they had fought before.