The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 546

Chapter 546: Invasion 8

When they fought, Rong Ches martial art was slightly more adept than her current ability.

But now, his ability was more than ten times higher than it was before. The tricks that he played were strange and hard to avoid.

For Luo Yunqing, her existence was truly horrible. When she whipped her palms, the ground would tremble heavily.

When Gu Xijiu fought with her, she almost got hurt by Yun Qingluo's sword. Luckily, Rong Che attacked her on time. Gu Xijiu managed to take this advantage to lead Rong Che so that his attack bumped into the sword of Yun Qingluo, having both of their attacks eliminating each other.

However, Gu Xijiu was only in danger this one time, as Long Siye and Messenger Chenge had arrived.

When they arrived, they had no time to ask any questions but immediately fought with the opponents. With the help from both of them, Gu Xijiu was now less burdened than before.

The martial art of Messenger Chenge was also one of the best and at almost the same level as that of the heavens gift disciple.

Long Siye's ability was also recognized as one of the top. If he attacked seriously, there was very few people that could defeat him.

But this time, both Long Siye and Messenger Chenge fought together against the enemies but did not reap any advantage.

Rong Che and Yun Qingluos skill were terribly high, as if they had eaten some pills that could improve their strength and energy.

Gu Xijiu was like a boat in the center of the storm under their attack. She could be overturned anytime into the deep sea and there was high pressure in the center of the battlefield. The trees around them were rolled into the battlefield and scattered immediately under the pressure

Gu Xijiu was breathless even under the protection of Long Siye and Messenger Chenge.

She wanted to ask Rong Che but it was impossible to do so under such a stormy attack. She could not afford to lose her attention and could not even to talk.

"Something is not right with two of them." Long Siye was a doctor and he could see the problem.

"They seem to be controlled externally!" Messenger Chege grabbed the sword in his hand tightly.

Were they controlled?

Gu Xijiu looked at Rong Che. She saw that his eyes were all black; not even his pupils were visible. His face was devoid of expression, as though he was a robot.

She looked at Yun Qingluo. Her eyes were all red and no pupils could be seen too. Her pretty face was similarly devoid of expression.

They were not even afraid of pain. When Messenger Chenge cut Rong Ches arm with his sword, Rong Che bled profusely but he did not feel a thing.

"It is the puppet spell!" exclaimed Gu Xijiu, upon finally seeing the clues.

Long Siye was a bit shocked, "It does not look like it." He knew what the puppet spell was, but the symptoms of these two people did not match.

"It is a modified version. It should be the Miaojiang venomous spell originating from the Western Region." Gu Xijiu spoke again. The more she played against the opponent, the more she could see through their tricks.

Long Siye looked at her. He did not know how to use the venomous spell. Where did Gu Xijiu learn it from?

Basically, all her abilities were taught by him but seemed like she learned something else from other sources...

"Who did you learn the venomous spell from?" Finally, he asked.

"Not from you, at least." Gu Xijiu blurted out but she regretted after she said it. It felt like they were a squabbling couple.

In the modern generation, she did make some friends from different areas. She was eager to learn so she learned quite a few different skills from different people. For example, she knew spells to expel demons, venomous spells and so on.

Long Siye did not feel bad when she replied him harshly. He smiled and said, "Its alright. No matter who you learnt from, I am very happy that you did." His voice was calm and soft.