The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 547

Chapter 547: The Culprit Appeared

Gu Xijiu remained silent.

Gu Xijiu was distracted when Long Siye spoke to her. At this time, Yun Qingluo attacked her with the sword and almost hit Gu Xijius head!

Fortunately, Gu Xijiu was able to dodge on time. However, Yun Qingluo was too fast and Gu Xijiu could not dodge this time. When the sword almost hit her arm, Long Siye ran forward and wanted to block Gu Xijiu. Suddenly, there was a colorful lighting from the sky that blanketed them.

This colorful light not only separated Gu Xijiu from the attack of Yun Qingluo but also pulled her a few steps back so Long Siye caught nothing when he ran forward.

Messenger Chenge was overjoyed, "Oh Lord!"

Long Siye looked up and he was shocked.

The Lord was standing there in his white robe and Gu Xijiu retreated into his arms. They held Gu Xijiu tightly until she finally able to stabilize herself.

"Do you want to die? Your martial art is so weak but you still want to rush forward to fight?" The Lord casually scolded her as he pulled Gu Xijiu to his back.

Gu Xijiu remained silent.

With the arrival of The Lord, the situation was reversed.

Gu Xijiu finally witnessed the ability of The Lord.

She could only say that the existence of The Lord was not something that could be comparable to the people in this world.

He did not move at all, but his colorful lights had been flying around the battlefield, which surrounded Rong Che and Yun Qingluo

This entire time, Gu Xijiu had been the one at the forefront of the fight. She was always the one who took the lead in breaking into the opponent's camp. Even when she was with Long Xi, they had always fought side by side.

This was the first time she was protected from the back. The person in front of her was like a mountain and gave her a sense of security.

For reasons even she could not comprehend, she was thinking of Di Fuyi. Although this man had an extremely unpredictable temper and liked to tease her for fun, she felt safe and secure when she was by his side.

It was as though danger would not befall her as long as he was around.

Apparently, Di Fuyi and The Lord had two different characters, she always related them as the same class of people.

It was no wonder that amongst the five heaven's gift disciples, Di Fuyi was the closest to The Lord. This was probably due to some similarities between both of them. Naturally, The Lord particularly admired Di Fuyi.

Gu Xijiu looked at the battlefield.

This war had almost no suspense.

It was almost a one-sided fight

"The Lord, they are being controlled!" Messenger Chenge was worried that The Lord would kill both of them in his rage, so he quickly shouted loudly.

The Lord did not speak but the colorful light in his palm flashed faster and more urgently.

Within 15 minutes, the violent Rong Che and Yun Qingluo had been tied down by the colorful light and pressed on to the ground.

"Take them down!" The Lord withdrew his colorful light and Messenger Chenge immediately stepped forward and tied both of them with a special rope.

The duo was still struggling like the fish flopping around on the ground.

"Oh Lord, what was the spell on these two people? They are still not conscious at this point."

Messenger Chenge frowned and looked at the two people who were rolling on the ground.

Not only did the colorful light of The Lord defeat the enemy, but it could also fix all spells and magic. However, although they were tied up, the spell was not removed yet

The duo was playing extraordinarily just now and the spiritual power in their bodies was magnified more than ten times. If they were sober, the point of they would have exhausted to death at this moment.

However, they did not seem to be tired at all. They still struggled intensely until the rope issued the friction sound.