The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 55

Chapter 55: Please Expel Anyone Who Breaks Into My Space

Gu Xijiu said in a soft tone, "I am a person who values a peaceful life and I don't like to be disturbed. I have told you all before that without my permission, anyone who breaks into my room would be deemed as a thief. This time you failed to block them so it is considered as your mistake. As this is the first time you made a mistake, I will deal with it leniently. Each of you will get 10 beatings and salary reduction for six months. Are you pleased with this decision?"

Apparently, it had already been mentioned by Gu Xijiu before but no one had thought that she was serious about it. Now when Gu Xijiu ordered the punishment they could not complain. They had to accept the punishment.

After this, Gu Xijiu asked the housekeeper to bring the maid who did her best to block the two sisters and rewarded her for her good deed. On top of that, she also promoted this maid from a normal cleaning maid to her personal maid.

The reward and punishment process was simply a slap on the two sisters faces. Even before she finished the entire process, the two sisters could no longer stand still anymore.

Gu Tianyi groaned angrily and spoke, "You are so ridiculous. We are your sisters! Whats wrong with entering your house? Cant we come into this house? This is the house of the Gu family"

"Do you dare to break into father's study room directly? Do you dare to break into your mother's bed room directly?" Gu Xijiu asked with a cold tone.

Gu Tianyi choked and stuttered as she replied, "This... They are older than us so we definitely cannot simply enter into their rooms"

"Then, what about your third sister's bedroom? Have you ever entered into her room without her permission?" Gu Xijiu stared at her and continued, "Or can it be said that your bedroom can be freely entered by all other sisters without your permission?"

Gu Tianyi was stuck. Her mouth was slightly ajar but she could not fight back.

Of course, their bedroom could not be freely entered, but all this while they never respected Gu Xijiu thus they were used to breaking into her room freely and sometimes they even beat her.

"Sixth sister, we never want to break into your bedroom but we are worried about you. Alright, since you are fine we can rest assured too. Tianyi, let's go back now." Gu Tianqing interrupted to end the conversation and she dragged Gu Tianyi who was still not too convinced to leave together with her.

"Listen to me. This is my space. Please expel anyone who breaks into my space and I will bear any consequences that results from it." Gu Xijiu gave a strict order to all her maids. Her voice was not loud but it was certainly very powerful.

"Yes, young lady!" The maid answered with an abnormally loud voice. After this incident, the maids could now dare to do anything to prevent a reoccurrence.

The two sisters also heard about her order. They were slightly stunned for a moment but then continued to walk back to their house.

The person who used to be bullied by them had become so strong and powerful. Besides this, she also frequently embarrassed them recently which had frustrated Gu Tianyi. On their way back to their house, she complained, "That b*tch is too arrogant! How dare she do this to us? Third sister, are we going to let her go just like this?"

Gu Tianqing did not answer.

"Third sister, do you think it is possible that she is possessed by some spirit? She has been acting like a different person"

Gu Tianqing breathed lightly and answered, "If she is possessed by a spirit, her actions will be very slow and the eyes will look dull. It doesn't seem like it"