The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 554

Chapter 554: The Lord Was Getting More Mischievous

That was the reason the explosion was so powerful, as though it was an explosion of a nuclear bomb...

If The Lord did not manage to set a protection barrier, those people would have perished in the explosion...

The green man had really good Kung Fu. Apparently, someone was controlling its actions from behind, but who could the mastermind be?

None of them have heard about such a person before.

Everyone looked at The Lord but he was looking at the explosion scene and frowned.

That was a level tens spiritual level and he was surprised that someone had achieved that!

The Red Illusion Wave issued by that person required a level ten spiritual power!

The key thing was the five heaven's gift disciples had only achieved a level nine spiritual power!

Level nine was the highest result for the people in the mainland to achieve. Once they exceed level nine, they would attract the thunder attack and if they could escape that, they would be upgraded to a fairy status...

However, the person had achieved a level ten and The Lord was not aware of the fact that he did not become a fairy...

Apparently, this person had secretly practiced his spiritual power and perhaps, he used an abnormal method to practice it. Otherwise, it was impossible for him to overlook the thunder attack...

Besides, the man had already possessed such a strong power and there should be nothing capable of bothering him - why would he set so many traps for Gu Xijiu?

Was it possible that the person could foresee that Gu Xijiu was the future?

Thus, he decided to kill her first?

But his death was too soon...

He did not even need such a strong power to kill her...

The Lord looked at Gu Xijiu and pondered.

Gu Xijiu was idling while staring at the huge pit. She was not even aware that the mussel was pulling her clothes "What's on your mind?" The Lord asked.

"I feel its far too easy to uncover the mastermind, and it doesnt really make sense." Gu Xijiu subconsciously answered.

The Lord remained silent but he was amazed by her sensitivity.

The four messengers almost fainted. Messenger Shangshan complained, "Easy? All the traps were linked, and he would have achieved his goal if The Lord didn't notice his bad intention! Miss Gu, in fact, you didn't realize that when The Lord rushed out to save you from the battle, the green man appeared and stole the bottle of Hu Qingqing's soul, even when we were hiding somewhere nearby. However, we managed to follow him and arrested him in the end Throughout the plan, we might have even failed to arrest him if the traps weren't set properly. In conclusion, it wasn't as easy as you claim but The Lord was too smart."

Fine, the enemy was not mischievous, but The Lord was too mischievous.

Gu Xijiu shook her head; she still thought that the green man died too soon...

He had made such a complicated plan but how could he just kill himself at the end?

"This fella didnt die completely." The Lord said.

Everyone looked at him, Gu Canmo was surprised and asked, "He has exploded and nothing much has been left behind. How could he not be dead yet?"

"His soul was gone." The Lord said with a dull pitch.

The people in the current world had no idea what a Nascent Soul was, but Gu Xijiu did. Fortunately, she still remembered the secret of fairy cultivation and knew that humans could produce a Nascent Soul when they achieved a higher realm. As long as the Nascent Soul still exists, that person is not considered dead even if his physical body was dead. He would still have the chance to resurrect."

I guess that was what The Lord meant.