The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 559

Chapter 559: The Lord Supported Her

She pondered and decided to get some food from The Lord.

However, the foreyard was empty and there was not even a single person in sight.

She was slightly disappointed and tried to call from outside. She did not hear any response and decided to enter.

The Luminous Pearl in the house had been lit up but no one was there. She had no idea where The Lord had gone.

She then returned to the foreyard to look for the four messengers. Surprisingly, they were not there as well.

Has The Lord left with his people?

Would he come back again?

Sigh, The Lord was well known for his unpredictable footprints; he always came and left as he liked and he did not need to inform anyone.

Therefore, she decided to look for the three majestic beings. It was time to come home as they had been out for a day!

The mussel had a Blood Agreement with Gu Xijiu, hence, they could sense each other. Gu Xijiu could sense its location and the overall emotion when she calmed herself and focused her attention.

The mussel seemed to be mad, fearful, yet proud?

And it was on the back hill...

What caused it to have such a complicated emotion?

Gu Xijiu pondered and teleported after calculating the distance.

Her blood pressure had almost exceeded the ceiling when she saw the scene.

There was a lake and a broad lawn in the forest. There were five students dressed in a light purple uniform from the Ziyun class. A mussel was surrounded by five of them and it had transformed to its original size. The little kid in the shell seemed to be injured, as its mouth was bleeding and one of its legs could not move. Apparently, it had been bullied.

However, it was not depressed as the little kid was screaming with his hands placed on his waist, "You can't do anything to me! I'm the majestic being of The Lord's disciple. My master will definitely find you if you kill me! And The Lord will definitely play a role if my master decides to seek revenge! He will kill all of you!"

Gu Xijiu almost fell to the ground as she found the mussel too cocky at times.

It was as though it was the villain who liked to bully the weak ones by leveraging on the power from his leader in a drama...

She was standing in a good position as she could hide there, and also be able to hear the conversations between the students and the mussel.

The threatening from the mussel seemed to be working. Those students from the Ziyun class looked at each other and one of them said, "I think we better not hit it; its not easy to deal with its master."

Someone disagreed, "So what? She has to reason with us right? The mussel has swallowed our mythological rides I can't just let it go!"

"Me too! I can't let this go! What can she do? Her spiritual power is only at level five, she can't even compete with the lousiest student in the last class of the Liuyun class! She's such a black cat and caused three of our students to perish. Besides, she had also caused Qingluo's injuries and until now ,she is unable to get up"

"Youre right! She even caused our headmaster to be punished! In fact, she is not that capable and I really have no idea why The Lord recruited her as his disciple. Is she pretty?"

"Pretty?" Someone laughed! And slowly added, "Ive heard that she is the ugliest girl in Feixing Kingdom!"

"Thats because of the amazing birthmark on her forehead." Someone laughed again, "However, her features are quite nice."

"I guess you haven't seen her current appearance, the birthmark can hardly be seen now. I've seen her from afar recently; she looks quite pretty."