The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 560

Chapter 560: The Lord Supported Her 2

"Can hardly be seen doesn't mean it isn't there." Someone disagreed, "Perhaps, she has been using a certain wizard to cover it, once it's removed, the ugliness might cause people to poke their own eyes out."

"Hey hey! We should be talking about what we are going to do with this mussel, why did we end up judging its master?" Finally, someone brought them back to the original discussion.

"The mussel is her favorite pet; we should be discussing her first." Someone still wanted to argue on this.

"Let's just stop talking about her beauty; she is way too far from Qingluo. Qingluo is the prettiest girl. I guess the reason for The Lord to recruit her as his disciple is that she is tricky and also quite talented. Anyway, have you heard about her news in the Feixing Kingdom?"

"She used to be very weak, and no one knew about her before. However, she seemed to be possessed by some evil spirit as she suddenly changed so much. Nobody knows what tricks she played as she had made Gu Xietian kill Madame Leng (Leng Xiangyu), she even caused Gu Tianqing and Rong Yan to be executed. Oh right! One of her sisters, Gu Tianyi, had her tongue removed and was kicked out from the country and sent to the border. People said she died on the way to the border. Even Gu Tianchao has been killed under the order of Celestial Master Zuo"

"The Gu family is considered broken now, and she was the mastermind behind it. The strange thing is, she even had the guts to cut the bond between her and her father after causing so many tragedies to the family. As though she has suffered from it! How many lives have been sacrificed because of her Sigh, dont you think she is such an evil person? F*ck it! I hate this kind of girl! But The Lord treasures her like his precious one, and allows the mussel to bully us"

Everyone agreed with the statement. They were all about 15-16 years old, which was the normal age for being reckless. Therefore, the more they talked about it, the angrier they became. They were very mad when they looked at the mussel.

One of them laughed evilly, "This mussel is such a bastard! It's still cocky even after eating our mythological ride! It doesn't give a sh*t to us at all!"

"I've heard that it used to eat humans, it's a monster! We are doing a good deed if we kill it!"

"What if its master finds us to get revenge?"

"We shouldnt be calculative then, compensate her with a bag of mussels?"

"Her Kung Fu is nothing! But my concern is she might point the finger at us in front of The Lord and ask The Lord to punish us."

"Hmph! It's the mussel's fault, and The Lord is always fair, he wouldn't be biased! I believe The Lord wouldn't simply punish us just because of the mussel."

"You wouldn't know. The Lord likes her, and he was so mad when he arrived. He immediately brought her out from the cell. He even sought justice for her and punished the principal. I feel I feel The Lord is somewhat biased"

"But The Lord liked her, instead of the mussel right? Let's just kill the mussel first; Gu Xijiu can't do anything even if she sues us in front of The Lord. Do you think The Lord would kill all of us just because of a mussel? We are all the outstanding disciples in the Ziyun class, and the Tianju Hall was established by The Lord. In fact, we are all considered half of The Lord's disciples. The worse case scenario is that he would suspend us for a few days"