The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 561

Chapter 561: The Lord Supported Her 3

They had an intense discussion, one not unlike the keyboard warriors in the modern world. The mussel was getting more panicked as it listened to their conversations. Those who were surrounding it were all the experts in the mainland, and every one of them possessed a spiritual power above level six. One of them almost achieved level eight.

They bullied it and one of them even broke the Mirage Illusion. They beat it violently once they regained their consciousness. Therefore, it could only threaten them. It was surprising that they could fall into the illusion in the first place, despite having the intention to kill it.

The mussel was in a real panic, it growled, "You want to kill me right? I'm going to go all out to defeat you!" Its master did not allow it to eat humans. Hence, even though it had successfully trapped them in its illusion, it did not eat them but only wanted to teach them a lesson. Otherwise, they would not have the chance to escape from the illusion in such a short period.

"You know what, I think you better stop right now! This is a mythological mussel, and Gu Xijiu would not let you go if you hurt it" A voice came from the back of the mussel, and a shadow appeared.

Gu Xijiu focused her attention to have a look. It was Qian Lingyu! The young man who helped her to build her house. Apparently, he was injured, and he looked pale, "You should know when to stop!"

"Haha! You're awake, man! Get lost, you idiot! This is none of your business! I'll punch you until all your teeth fall out if you dare to speak again!"

"Qian Fengtian, stop your reckless deeds! You're wrong to invade our territory" Qing Lingyu shouted.

The teenager looked quite similar to Qian Lingyu, but he looked more handsome and muscular. He laughed sarcastically, "We? Since when have you classified yourself as we together with the mussel? This place belongs to us, and you have lost your mind to think you can compete with us"

"We were here first!" Qian Lingyu tried to argue.

"So what? How could rubbish from the Liuyun class compete with us who are from Ziyun class? Qian Lingyu, you should have just left together with the mussel just now. Sadly, you didnt catch my message. Perhaps you have not learned your lesson! You still want to stand up for the mussel?"

"Qian Fengtian!" Qian Lingyu gritted his teeth and continued, "You better stop being a bully!"

"You're just rubbish! What are you going to do if I bully you?" Qian Fengtian said. He then laughed evilly, "Also, I repeat, my name is Qian Lingtian and not Qian Fengtian! I'm going to beat you until your parents can't recognize you anymore if you ever address me wrongly again! I wouldn't be as gentle as earlier anymore"

"Lingtian, stop wasting our time. Let's kill the mussel first!" Qing Lingtian's buddies had lost their patience.

Qian Lingtian smiled with a cruel expression, "Fine, set the array! We are going to execute this mussel on behalf of the higher realm!"

The five shadows were flashing across and then stood firmly at their respective positions. A great war was going to happen soon!

"Clap! Clap! Clap!" Three sounds of claps crept into their ears from the forest nearby followed by a soft laugh, "Executing on behalf of the higher realm sounds good! But, is it a great enough deed to help the higher realm by killing a mussel?" The voice was as clear as the sound from a campanula. Everyone was shocked. Most of them were the experts, and usually, they could hear clearly even if a mosquito passed by within three miles. However, they did not even realize there was such a big living human hiding in the forest earlier!