The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 564

Chapter 564: The Lord Supported Her 6

Both of them bumped into each other, and coincidentally, the mussel did not want to eat raw food, so it persuaded Qian Lingyu to grill the food. Thus, a human and a mussel decided to have their BBQ beside the lake as the scenery was quite beautiful and it was convenient for them to clean up afterward. However, they did not expect the students from the Ziyun class to come to the same lake for a BBQ. Anyway, it was not supposed to be an issue since the lake was so big and the lawn was broad, they could have had their respective BBQ sessions peacefully.

However, Qian Lingtian and his buddies were upset with Qian Lingyu, and they also hated the mussel. Therefore, they told Qian Lingyu and the mussel to leave.

The students in the Ziyun class always liked to bully the students from the Liuyun class, especially Qian Lingyu who was the poorest student there. Eventually, he became their regular sandbag. Initially, Qian Lingyu would keep a distance from them and tried to go as far as he could. He would not argue with them. However, it was different this time as the mussel was there with him and it was Gu Xijiu's favorite majestic being.

Qian Lingyu was scared to be embarrassed in front of Gu Xijiu, so he did not want the mussel to be embarrassed as well. Therefore, he argued with those students. Needless to say, the mussel could not take any insults and scolded them. As a result, both parties could not agree with each other and ended up fighting.

Initially, those students did not give a sh*t about the mussel and did not even want to fight with it. Thus, they sent their own majestic beings to fight with the mussel. As a result, both of their majestic beings had been swallowed! This triggered the students who decided to take revenge.

Qian Lingyu bravely fought to restrict them but ended up fainting after being pounded by them. The mussel was left to fight with the five students alone, and then the story had developed to the point where Gu Xijiu had witnessed herself.

In fact, Gu Xijiu thought her mussel had a too good an appetite and just ate whatever it got when she first listened to their conversation. She really thought the fight was triggered by the mussel as it had swallowed the two mythological rides. She felt guilty and sorry for them and planned to apologize and compensate. However, her guilt was gone when she found out the truth.

She smiled sarcastically after an understanding from the two of them.

Since it was a battle between the majestic beings, it was normal to fight for their victory! Moreover, those people bullied her mussel first!

Gu Xijiu then checked with them about the species of their majestic beings... There was a Blue Lion and a Sword Teeth Tiger... Therefore, the only bit of guilt in Gu Xijiu's heart had totally disappeared!

Both of these beasts were ranked on the top of the food chain. Apparently, the teenagers intended to kill the mussel, and that was the reason they sent these two majestic beings to fight. Since they were the ones who wanted a real fight, how could the mussel not entertain them?

Gu Xijiu looked at the BBQ rack and the burnt branches, and then looked at those teenagers again, "I'm sorry, but since the mussel came first. I can't let it go."

The teenagers were about to get mad, but Gu Xijiu shook the audio recorder in her hand, "You can continue fighting with me for this place, but this audio recorder would be handed to The Lord by tomorrow. Or, you can leave now, and I'll just forget the fact that you hurt my mussel since you're my schoolmates. As long as you leave here, I'll destroy the recorder and forget everything happened today. So, it's your call."

The teenagers felt they suffered a big loss. However, they did indeed hurt the mussel, despite the fact that it had swallowed two of their majestic beings.