The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 566

Chapter 566: The Lord Supported Her 8

In Qians residence, Qian Fengtian served Qian Lingyu in his studies. He was also his playmate. Qian Lingyu was the youngest recruit when he first entered the Tianju Hall. His parents were worried about him, so they wanted him to have a boy attendant to wait upon and serve him.

Tianju Hall had its rules. All the students were not allowed to bring their servants, so they could not possibly arrange for this servant openly. They had to find another alternative.

Qian Fengtian was also a genius at that time, but he only had his spirit power at level five and a half. According to the regulations, he was not qualified to enter. However, he had a strange encounter when he was about eight or nine years old. He had found a magical pill and consumed it. His spirit power immediately improved to level six. He offered himself to be sent into Tianju Hall as a boy servant to Qian Lingyu, so they sent him in. Luckily enough, he was able to get by and became a student in the Liuyun class.

Qian Fengtian was well-behaved. He studied during the day and went on to accompany Qian Lingyun in his studies during the evenings. He served him well from every aspect. Qian Lingyu really treated him like a friend; he even taught him the things that he had learned from the Ziyun class without thinking twice. Although Qian Fengtian was a student from Liuyun, the things he had learned were from the Ziyun programme.

What happened next was not exactly known. Qian Lingyun once went too far into his practice and almost got himself killed. Although his life was spared, his practice was all ruined. His spiritual power degraded significantly, and the more he practiced, the worse he would become.

In the beginning, Principal Gu had asked around for famous doctors to cure him, but they had all come to the same conclusion: he had injured a vital vein, and it was beyond their ability to repair. Qian Lingyu had to suffer from such a misfortune at a tender age. He had thus become very fiery and hot-tempered.

At that time, the news of him having Qian Fengtian as his servant broke out. It had certainly caused a great uproar. At the same time, Qian Fengtian acquired a level seven spiritual power. He had become a valuable dark horse.

There was no regard for background identity in the Tianju Hall. Anyone could make it there if he or she were capable enough. Therefore, Qian Fentian entered the Ziyun class as well.

People would always sympathize with the small and weak, especially the resistant ones like Qian Fengtian. Somehow, there were some versions about how Qian Lingyu had bullied Qian Fengtian, and the stories got even more unbelievable as the rumors went on. Qian Lingyu was slowly being isolated. He was an impetuous person and had offended some people. His temper had very much aggravated his complicated situation. Thus, he was unable to fit into the Ziyun class and had to be rearranged into the Liuyun class.

Since then, Qian Fengtian had a great time with his new classmates. On the contrary, the situation with Qian Lingyu became worse as days went by.

Principal Gu's reason behind the rearrangement was intended to motivate him to work harder. However, his temperament had changed entirely, as he had to experience a fall from heaven to hell at such a young age. He started to become really cynical, idle and problematic. He had eventually become the worst student.

His intelligence had convinced Principal Gu that he still had hope. Otherwise, he would have long been expelled and forced to go home. The admittance of Qian Fengtian into the Ziyun class had made the family proud. The head of the Qian family had personally changed his middle name and acknowledged him as Qian Lingtian. Ling could only be used for the eldest son of that generation.

The difference was too vast. The head of the family often had a headache when he saw Qian Lingyu, as though he was a waste of talent. On the contrary, he treated Qian Lingtian very well. It was said that the head of the family had the intention of making Qian Lingtian his heir.