The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 571

Chapter 571: She Is A Phoenix 3

In this two years, Headmaster Gu did not give any response when he saw him. Most of the time, he was scolding him, and he also pretended he did not see him even when he was bullied by other students. Every student in the Tianju Hall was afraid of Headmaster Gu, just as though rats saw a cat. However, Gu Xijiu was an exception.

Since Qian Lingyu was not allowed to enter the courtyard, hence, Gu Xijiu set an agreement with him to meet at a certain time every day, and they could have their breakfast together.

The cafeteria in the Tianju Hall was huge and it was comprised of upper and lower levels. One level was for the students from the Ziyun class, and the other level was for the students from the Liuyun class.

Level one was served with many different dishes from the sky to the land and the sea. Some were even cooked with spiritual meat and herbs which were beneficial to enhance spiritual power. Level two was a counter style cafeteria. The dishes were normal with lesser varieties.

Compared to the dishes on level one, there was a huge gap between them.

Of course, the students from the Liuyun class also could enjoy the dishes on level one, but they needed to buy their food with spiritual stones, and they could only earn the spiritual stones by enrolling for missions.

It was not easy to earn the spiritual stones. The students from the Liuyun class only earned enough to buy two sets of dishes from level one's cafeteria after working for 10 days!

The students from the Ziyun class did not need to pay for their food. They were allowed to take it for free. Nonetheless, to prevent the students from the Ziyun class from secretly giving food to those from the Liuyun class, there was a limit imposed on how much food could be taken.

Therefore, the students from the Liuyin class needed to buy their food and spiritual herbs, and they had to manage their own finances. Hence, the students from Liuyun class were generally living a tough life.

The worst part of it was that the students were not allowed to go out unless they were conducting their missions. Thus, they had to have their meals in the cafeteria even though it was not tasty. Moreover, they even had to pass by level one to go to level twos cafeteria with all the students from Ziyun class watching them.

It was indeed pitiful for the students from the Liuyun class to have their meal as they felt like the students from the Ziyun class were judging them whenever they walked by. Therefore, Gu Xijiu did experience such a great attention when she came here for her meal.

She even experienced more ferocious glares compared to other normal students from Liuyun class. She was helpless as she was too famous!

And that was also her first time to be there. Hence, everyones gaze automatically switched to her.

The moment Gu Xijiu and Qian Lingyu stepped into the cafeteria building, countless pairs of eyes were watching them, and of course, it followed by a lot of whispering behind their backs. Those words were not anything nice to hear, and the laughter was all evil!

She is Gu Xijiu? So what if she is The Lords disciple? She needs to follow the rules!

How come she is with Qian Lingyu? I guess they are just meant to be in the same group as both of them are as lousy as each other.

Those words were lingering around her ears.

Luckily, Gu Xijiu was used to those criticisms. She was as calm as though she was walking through a beautiful garden. Qian Lingyu could not take it and finally voiced out, "Gu Xijiu hasnt done her tests, perhaps she can go to the Ziyun class! What is lousy? She is capable, and she is a Phoenix! A capable phoenix"