The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 576

Chapter 576: Get The Lord Defamed 2

Once her stall was up, it immediately attracted many people.

A few people walked to her stall. They looked at the banner and then looked at her again, "Can I know wheres the four-graded medicine?" The man looked at her alchemy furnace which was yet to be heated and asked, "Is it still in the furnace?"

Gu Xijiu decided not to talk, so Qian Lingyu will be her promoter although he was still nervous earlier, "The fourth-grade medicine will be made on the spot! The first batch will be the Ancient First Pill. It will cost 10 spiritual stones for each fourth-grade Ancient First Pill!"

The Ancient First Pill was a common Gold-Inflicted Remedy, but it is only common to see them selling third-grade pills in the market. It was very rare to see fourth-grade ones.

The market price for one pill was 15 spiritual stones, but Gu Xijiu was selling it at only 10 spiritual stones. It was definitely a great deal! Besides that, although there were many people selling medicine here, Gu Xijiu was the only one to make it on the spot! Therefore, more and more people started coming over. Some were just watching, and others came out of curiosity.

There were quite many geniuses in the Tianju Hall. However, alchemy was just an elective knowledge to those who wanted to be an expert in spiritual power; it was optional for them to learn without pressure. Therefore, although there were many spiritual power experts, only a handful of those had acquired alchemy knowledge.

Moreover, most of them were very arrogant since all of their medicines would be the supply of the Tianju Hall as they could hardly sell it at the market due to its high price. Once in awhile, they even sold it at ridiculous prices like during the time there was a shortage.

Therefore, the pills in the night market were usually made by normal students. Hence, the grade would not be too high. Fourth-grade pills were considered a treasure here.

Most of them could not even get a fourth-grade pill even after 10 trials. However, the kid in front of them could make it on the spot?

Everyone looked doubtful, and they were all staring at the alchemy furnace. Of course, many of them were discussing and judging in front of the stall as well.

The main topic of discussion was that they did not believe she could do it and some even suspected she was selling fake medicine.

Gu Xijiu felt it was the time to start making the medicine. Numerous eyes were staring at her, and Qian Lingyu was looking at her nervously. The thing he was worried the most was what were they going to do if she could not make the pills.

Later, he just let go of the worries since everyone was wearing a mask and none of them could recognize each other. They could just run away if Gu Xijiu really could not make the pill. After all, none of them would know they were.

When the fire was switched off for the first time, everyone held their breaths when Gu Xijiu opened the furnace. At the bottom of the furnace, there were five fourth-grade pills, four third-graded pills, and a second-grade pill.

The crowd was speechless.

There was a minor chaos in front of the stall. There were a few pharmacists in the crowd, and they decided to test the medicine. The conclusion was that all of the pills were authentic medicines!

In just a very short time, the medicines were sold out. Not only the fourth-grade ones but even the third-grade and second-grade pills as well. Of course, the lower grade pills were slightly cheaper. All five pills were worth a total of 30 spiritual stones.

Qian Lingyu did not dare to believe what he had seen. He looked at Gu Xijiu for a while as he could not believe she could make so many fourth-graded pills in one furnace!

He had spent 12 spiritual stones to buy all the herbs, but they earned 80 spiritual stones after Gu Xijiu made them into pills! What a good piece of business! It was such a good deal! Therefore, he quickly bought another batch of herbs with the spiritual stones they earned.

He purchased the specific ones listed by Gu Xijiu.