The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 58

Chapter 58: You Were Not The Murderer

Gu Tianqing caught a breath and then buried her face in his back before saying, "That ugly face is so lucky But it seems weird How did Rong Yi die? Wasn't his spiritual power going to reach level four? Even you and I could not get near to him. I never thought that he would"

Rong Yan clenched his fist and said, "Our initial plan should have been perfect to help you get revenge and to remove that ugly girl from the picture. Never thought that there would be such a careless mistake. Sigh. What makes things worse is that master Hu might be onto me for this"

Gu Tianqings complexion started to turn pale but she still consoled him saying, "You were not the murderer we have nothing to fear. Dont worry."

Rong Yan shook his head and said, "Most importantly, that incident is a coincidence. Master Hu is afraid that I am trying to frame your sixth sister, therefore, he intentionally brought up Rong Yi's murder Besides, all this while Rong Yi and I have not been on good terms. Two years ago, he even humiliated me in public, which really shamed me. Right from the start he had not even the slightest respect for me as the prince. Now that this is the situation, the first suspect would, unfortunately, be me!"

Gu Tianqing was stunned and said, "That cant be!"

Rong Yan laughed coldly in reply, "Why not? If I didn't know what happened and things had developed to this stage, even I would think the same."

Gu Tianqing gritted her teeth and said, "Even if Even if they Do think But they still don't possess any evidence! Even if they suspect you, what could they do? Besides, you are the honored prince and the emperor adores you. Whether you murdered Rong Yi or not, the emperor will not punish you heavily.

Rong Yan shook his head, "That is hard to say! Rong Yi is the only offspring of King Lu who always adored him like a gem. Now that he is dead, uncle Lu had been complaining to the emperor every morning during the court meetings and pleading to the emperor to judge this case heavily and find the real culprit to get revenge for his son. He has an army within his control and my father, the emperor, is aware of this and thus could not refuse this plea. He ordered to have San Si to investigate this case and made note that this case will not be taken lightly"

After further discussion, Gu Tianqing became angry. "It's all that ugly girl's fault! If not for her, there wouldn't be so many problems! Right, how about we come up with a plan to get rid of her? Let's say that she is Rong Yi's murderer..."

Rong Yan smiled bitterly and shook his head, "She does not have talent in spiritual power and does not know martial arts. Saying that she managed to kill a fourth level spiritual power like Count Le Hua Do you think anyone would believe it?!"

Gu Tianqing was disappointed but agreed with his point!

Rong Yan pondered for a while and asked, "Tianqing, the other day when your sixth sister went out, did you see her? Is there any other witness?"

Gu Tianqing shook her head, "Im afraid when she left there was someone blocking the way. The person that saw her was the one that accused her in front of everyone"

Rong Yan frowned his eyebrows, "Those two had been imprisoned on the pretense of framing the generals daughter. I heard that they were even beaten severely, however, they both managed to keep their mouths shut and did not reveal that they were acting under your instructions"

Gu Tianqings heart skipped a beat, "Leaving those two alive is bound to come back to bite us. Rong Yan, you better figure out a way to get rid of them to cut off loose ends."

"I understand, Ill come up with a plan to keep their mouths shut forever!" Rong Yan said with a murderous air.