The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 584

Chapter 584: Pay Him Back In His Own Coins 4

Gu Xijiu looked at him and sighed, "Lets walk around first. Youre too excited now; you need to calm down."

Qian Lingyu was speechless.

Gu Xijiu walked around the market for three rounds until Qian Lingyu looked tired. Finally, they returned to the stall location and slowly took out the stuff from the storage bag and put them on the table.

Everyones eyes opened widely! The man who wanted to chase them away was stunned.

Gu Xijiu took out the alchemy furnace. Everyone was excited. She then took out the banner again and hung it above the stall.


The experts were here! Everyone was happy to see them. Since Gu Xijiu made the pills last time, the people in the night market had shared the news with their friends. Thus, they even asked their friends to come this time, and now the people around the stall were much more than before.

Of course, they were not only students anymore.

Qian Lingyu took out the herbs he bought earlier and started to promote, "Grade-four pills made on the spot! It is the Heaven Earth Pill, a must for those who practice earth spiritual power! 50 spiritual stones for each grade-four pill, grade-three pill"

When he was promoting hard, someone walked towards the stall and pressed on the herbs on the stall, "I suspect something is fishy here! You arent making the medicine on the spot! You made it beforehand and kept it in the furnace. It was just a show!"

Gu Xijiu frowned and looked at him, "You must have evidence before you speak."

The man laughed, "If youre skilled, let us prepare the herbs, and you make the medicine we need on the spot!"

The man was not Qian Lingtian, but he had something to do with Qian Lingtian. That was because Qian Lingtian who was hiding in the crowd was looking at them.

The kid seemed to be very careful. He suspected her, so he sent someone to test her.

Gu Xijiu twitched her lips, "Are you here to ruin my business? Why would I use your medicine?"

"Youre a fraud if you dare not to take it! Youre a liar!" The man was very aggressive.

"Uhh, you better dont buy it if you think Im a fraud." Gu Xijiu did not bother him but looked at the crowd around the stall, "I believe many people are waiting for my medicines."

The crowd immediately agreed, "Of course! Well buy! Its fine even though its not made on the spot, as long as its authentic will do."

"Just go away if you dont want to buy, were all waiting though"

"These medicines are authentic; my friend bought it a few days ago, it was good!"


The man stopped breathing for a second as he did not expect Gu Xijiu to respond that way. He looked at the crowd on the other side.

Qian Lingtian frowned as he stood in the crowd and secretly made a sign to that man.

The man got the message and continued to complain at the stall by saying the effect of old medicines and the fresh ones was different. And also replacing the new medicine with old ones was wrong.

He just could not stop making troubles.

The man was good at talking, coupled with the help of his people; the buyers began to doubt Gu Xijius alchemy skills.

Gu Xijiu seemed to be mad and said, "Youre such an evil person! So what! Im not going to use your medicine!" She looked at the buyers and said.