The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 586

Chapter 586: Pay Him Back In His Own Coins 6

Then, who was this person?

They observed her alchemy furnace again. Apparently, it did not seem to be very outstanding. The quality was merely above average.

Was she as legendary as the rumors claimed?

Was it like what people had speculated, that she had prepared the pills in advance and the alchemy process was just a trick to fool the public?

The first alchemy is complete. After uncovering the lid, numerous people stretched their necks to look into the furnace, looking like a bunch of giraffes. However, the mouth of the furnace was too small, so only a few people managed to look inside.

An apothecary stepped forward to look inside and observe the pills again. Then, with a startled look in his eyes, he counted off the pills to the people around, "Three wasted pills, three level-one pills, two level-two pills, one level-three pill and one level-four pill."

The result was an extraordinary performance even to the most experienced alchemist there.

The crowd once again bustled with noise and amusement, some of them cheered with excitement, some of them discussed at great lengths.

Qian Lingtian secretly caught his breath. Very well, there was a level-four pill.

He did not talk much and handed over the spiritual stones to Gu Xijiu without hesitation. He then took the pills and left.

After stepping out of the circle, he looked back and sneered.

When he approached Gu Xijiu a few moments ago, he had secretly applied a faint aroma on her. The smell was indistinguishable. The aroma could only be sensed and tracked by a type of spiritual insect.

The alchemist had taken away his spiritual stones for more than a thousand pieces. Feeling sorry for his lost stones, he desperately wanted to find out her background and reclaim his stones.

Just when he was about to turn around and leave, he suddenly heard that there were some loud noises. It seemed like some arguments were going on.

Tempted, he turned back around and mingled with the crowd.

After a while, he understood how the thing happened from the beginning until the end.

Gu Xijiu wanted to refine Heaven Earth Pills in her second alchemy, but another alchemist suddenly came out and brought her another pack of medicinal herbs to perform a second alchemy.

Apparently, he had some doubts that Gu Xijiu had already prepared her pills in advance for her first alchemy. He suspected that she had collaborated with others to put up a show. He would only believe in her if she had succeeded in refining the herbs provided to her.

Gu Xijiu did not allow him to push her around and rejected him instantaneously. If everyone said so in the same way, then she would never be able to have a good name for herself.

Without hesitating, the alchemist took out his mask and revealed himself. It was a surprising scene to the crowd.

He was none other than Jing Lanyao, the chief alchemist of Tianju Hall.

The man was very skillful in his alchemy ability, a grade-six alchemist. Sometimes, he could even extract a level-six pill when he was at the peak of his performance. It was normal for him to extract level-four pills. He was the pillar of Tianju Hall, also the teacher for the advanced class of Ziyun class.

The man had a very high prestige and would not quickly come to the night market. He was here because he was aware that someone was performing live alchemy and there would be a level-four pill in each extraction.

He stood up and revealed himself so no one would speculate that he and Gu Xijiu were collaborating with one another for a show.

Gu Xijiu found out about his true identity through the crowd, so she did not turn down his request anymore and readily agree to it.

He had proved himself to be the chief alchemist by providing the most excellent quality of medicinal herbs. Moreover, the pill that he had requested Gu Xijiu to extract, the Flying Crane Pill, was an extremely rare pill.

Not only that solely a grade-five alchemist could extract the pill, but it was also challenging to do so. Even for Jing Lanyao himself, there was no guarantee that in every process there would be pills of the highest quality. However, it was possible to have a few completed pills every time.

Jing Lanyaos appearance had caused a little uproar on the spot.

The master was an arrogant man, so he was rarely seen in public.