The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 592

Chapter 592: When Extreme Joy Turns To Sorrow

"Youre shocked?" The Lord repeated and continued, "If I were the enemy, you would have died by now based on your poor reactions earlier."

Gu Xijiu twitched her mouth and decided not to argue with him.

Indeed, he was right. If he stabbed her just now instead of tapping on her shoulder... However, how many people out there possessed such powerful Kung Fu like The Lord? She has never seen anyone else who could do the same. It was as though he just appeared from thin air!

If it were someone else, she would have sensed it when they were about three meters away. She would not even allow them to come any closer. Hence, the incident which he brought up would not happen at all!

"There are more than 10 people in this world who could appear like what I did just now" The Lord knew her as though he had a worm inside her stomach. She was surprised. With that, he then said coldly, "Youll definitely be in deep sh*t if one of them want to kill you!"

Gu Xijiu was even more surprised and raised her head when she heard 10 people had such amazing Kung Fu in this world!

"Why are you looking at me with such a shocked expression?" The Lord slowly added, "I did not even use my core power when I appeared earlier." In other words, he did not even use 1/100 of his Kung Fu...

Gu Xijiu was sweating; she definitely understood his message. Her face was hot, and she admitted her mistakes, "It was my fault, I shouldve paid more attention just now."

The Lord looked at her blushing face and slowly asked, "Had too much fun and then became careless?"

Gu Xijiu remained silent.

The Lord continued, "You seemed to have had quite a lot of fun in the last few days, Im happy for you. However, I want you to be happier, hows your progress on the homework?"

Gu Xijius face turned pale.

Both of them looked at each other for quite some time. He then tapped on her shoulder and said gently, "Look, I'm sure you've done it quite well. I'm really glad and can't wait to see your performance. Follow me!"

Gu Xijiu secretly howled with grief in her heart.

That was the time when extreme joy turned to sorrow!


The Luminous Pearl seemed to have sensed its masters return as it slowly brightened up and shone. The hall immediately became bright as though it was daytime.

That was The Lord's house, and all the displays remained the same when The Lord left. If she had to tell the difference, it would be the dust at the corners of the house.

The Lord had left for six days, so it was normal for the furniture to be dusty.

The Lord's gaze scanned the house and looked at her, "Did you think I was not coming back anymore? Have you cleaned the house?"

Gu Xijiu remained silent. She was so busy in the last few days and did not even tidy up her own bed. Of course, she did not think of cleaning his place. But, she could not say it that way at the moment. Gu Xijiu lowered her head and answered, "Xijiu dared not simply enter your house."

That was quite a good excuse. Since The Lord did not allow anyone to enter his house, even the four messengers did not dare to...

The Lord looked at her with a strange expression, "I see, you sound so obedient huh?"

Gu Xijiu answered, "Nothing new."

"Hmmm. Since youre so obedient, Im sure youve got your homework done? Not bad! Lets have a test then, Ill reward you if you perform well but Im going to punish you if youre underperforming."

Gu Xijiu cried in her heart. She looked out to the sky and tried to bargain, "My Lord, since it's quite late already and you've been traveling here and there, would you want to have a rest and do the test tomorrow?"