The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 60

Chapter 60: Blinded But Ahead Without Being Aware That Danger Lurks From Behind

There was nobody behind her Just a few vines which were swaying due to the breeze. The vines were so thin that even birds could not stand on it, hence, it could not support the weight of a person.

She wet her lips and pulled out a sword from her waist. She lifted it in the air and swung it around but suddenly swung to the back!

The sword shone brightly in the dark and easily swept through the wind. If there were anything behind her, her stroke would have been able to reveal its presence.

But when her sword swung, it touched nothing but air.

Could it have been a ghost?

Gu Xijiu squinted her eyes and flicked her finger. A light blue talisman appeared at her finger tips, rotated in midair, then flew around her entire body before returning back into her palm.

She sniffed her palm and smelled nothing.

It was a spirit exorcising talisman! During the modern age, she knew a few supernatural power users and she was on good terms with one of the exorcists and the exorcist taught her a few tricks to capture spirits. Though she might have only learned a few simple tricks, it was sufficient to deal with weak spirits.

Once the talisman was taken out, any invisible spirits would reveal itself, however, it did not reveal anything. Seems like she might have been overthinking.

"Probably the wind?" She thought to herself.

She turned around and disappeared

Not long after her shadow vanished, another figure appeared from the same tree.

An outfit with a misty water-like appearance could be seen. The figures hair swayed with the wind and had a beautiful headband with a blood red ruby in the middle of it. Its shape looked like the eye of a fox and it shone brightly under the moonlight.

The mans face was covered with a fox-shaped mask but behind the mask were a pair of beautiful eyes that were full of mystery. It almost seemed cold and warm at the same time.

He sat down and his posture was even more relaxed than Gu Xijius. Beneath him was just a thin tree branch which could easily be snapped by a child. Yet, he was able to sit on the branch firmly without even the slightest hint of quivering.

Looking closely, the branch that he sat on was the same tree branch that Gu Xijiu was standing on earlier. If she was still there it would seem as if she was sitting within his arms

The man crossed his legs and lazily rested his chin on his palm. His long hair reflected a glimmer of light, despite being in a pitch-black surrounding. It was as if he was the source of the light!

He looked at the direction in which Gu Xijiu vanished and his pale lips let out small smirks.

The little idiot never noticed that he had always been behind her. However, this little idiot was very sharp. Even though he merely exhaled behind her while standing a little nearer, she immediately drew her sword to defend herself!

Despite not possessing any spiritual power, her movements were faster than lightning! A little faster and she would have hit the edge of his clothes

The talisman she had used was impressive as well. This man was knowledgeable, yet he had never seen the drawings on the talisman anywhere else. Besides that, her teleportation technique seemed extremely strange

"This kid It is as if she was a different person!" He thought deeply before suddenly bursting into laughter. He stood up, blended into the mist, and vanished into thin air.