The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 600

Chapter 600: How Could The Lord Be Celestial Master Zuo 3

She slowly walked back to her house and looked up to the sky. She looked at the stars and realized it was almost 1 am.

Oh, no! If it were almost 1 am, Gu Canmo would have caught them! She looked to the East and wondered why Gu Canmo had not sent out any signal. Were there random changes? That was not supposed to happen. She had planned it carefully, and it should be a perfect plan. Right at that moment, she saw a firework explode in the sky.

It was not a big one, but Gu Xijiu was delighted and acknowledged, "Got it!" And now, it was her show time! She flew into the air and away from her yard. The firework was the signal for Gu Canmo used for his subordinates. It was unique, and only a few people could see it. Gu Xijiu was one of them.


The Lord sat in front of a small desk in his bedroom, and there was a cup of cold tea in front of him. He tried very hard to get the tea from a perilous place a few days ago as that was his favorite tea. It was outstanding in restoring spiritual power, and there were only two days in a year that he would have the chance to pluck it. He could just extract two ounces of tea despite it being in season. Thus, he actually treasured the tea very much.

The Lord was not only fussy with the way the tea was made, the ambiance and mood while drinking the tea were also very important. As a result, he did not wish to waste a single bit of it. Perhaps something was bothering him. The way he made the tea was not as elegant as before, and the taste of tea was not as great as how it used to be. He took a sip and frowned.

After that, a pot of tea that was worth a million dollars had been left aside on the table until it was cold.

He moved his gaze to the bed and observed every single inch of the bed due to the absence of the bed drapes. There were some wrinkles on the bed sheets, and the indentation of someone lying there earlier could be seen. How could she sleep on his bed!? Especially when it was the bed of someone like him? He would not even allow other people to touch his bed.

No one even dared to enter his room, not to mention leisurely lying down on his bed. However, someone had entered his bedroom now, and she even lied on his bed!

He stood up and walked towards the bed. He looked at the bed, and then at the indentation. The image of the clumsy and nervous girl flashed across his mind. This little girl used to be calm and firm in every situation. Hence, that was the first time he saw that nervous side of her. That look made him... Made him felt like bullying her...

At that moment, he even thought of pushing her down and not care about the consequences! Fortunately, she teleported away in time, and he regained his consciousness. Otherwise, he could not even imagine the ending.

He massaged his brows and realized his strong self-control which he used to proud of was so easily ruined in front of her. That was strange though... how could a young girl have such a magical charm?

Was it because of his strong desire? Something difficult to get always seemed better. Perhaps, what his friend said was right, the more the feeling gets suppressed, the easier for it to explode. The more eager he wanted to let it go, the harder it would be.

What was wrong with him now?

He frowned and sighed. His lips curved up again as a thought donned upon him. It does not matter to him whichever condition he was facing, there was nothing he could not overcome, including his feelings. He got up and waved his sleeve. The bed sheet returned to its neat look as though no one had lied on the bed before. Even her odor had completely vanished.