The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 603

Chapter 603: Watch His Opera 2

Only now did the crowd understand the story behind the spiritual stones. What Qian Lingyu said had made sense to some of them; increasing his chances to mitigate his punishment.

Spiritual stones were more valuable than gold in the Tianju Hall, and that made the spiritual granary super important. It was protected by many different mechanisms such that a standard bomb could not destroy it. It could only be opened with a set of complementary keys.

Stealing spiritual stones was almost impossible. Hence, everyone was busy discussing and tried to find out who could have possibly stolen the spiritual stones.

Qian Lingtian felt he had washed the guilt away and began to analyze the case as well so that he could find the true mastermind, "Principal, I suspect someone is involved in this case!"

Gu Canmo finally said something, "Go ahead."

Qian Lingtian said, "I suspect Gu Xijiu is the mastermind!"

Gu Canmo frowned and replied, "Oh?"

"Everyone knows our spiritual stone granary is extremely secure. Don't even consider how I could go in; even Brother Yan Chen couldnt enter. Moreover, outsiders couldnt simply enter as well aside from the Eighth Prince (Rong Che), Overlord Long, and The Lord.

Rong Che is incapable of doing that, and Overlord Long and The Lord have no reason to do so. As a result, the most suspicious person is Gu Xijiu; the person who has been causing so much chaos in Tianju Hall! Not only did she have a bad reputation in the Feixing Kingdom, but she had also caused so many strange problems since she came here. And most importantly, she knows certain technique which no one else knows as she can teleport randomly. Its too easy for her to enter the granary! Principal, I think you should check her, and perhaps you can find the spiritual stones"

Qian Lingtian was very good at talking his way out of problems. His speculation sounded reasonable. It was such an easy job to transfer the guilt to Gu Xijiu.

He kept talking as though he was a professional storyteller, but Gu Canmo and the elders seemed to be unfazed. Basically, they were listening to Qian Lingtian and occasionally responded so that he could continue his story.

Qian Lingtian did his best to get rid of the guilt and also told everyone about his suspect. His tongue was dry, and he could not wait to drink a big glass of ice water.

The crowd was unsure if he was nervous or excited, but his handsome face had turned reddish.

Although Gu Canmo did not say anything, he kept staring at Qian Lingtian. Qian Lingtian felt that was the most he had ever spoken in a day of his life. He felt his throat was burning. He slowly stopped talking and sipped his dried lips, "Principal, is it possible for me to take a sip of water?"

Gu Canmo answered while staring at Qian Lingtian, "No!"

Qian Lingtian was stunned and speechless as he sensed something was wrong, "Principal"

"No wonder Gu Xijiu said people who are in guilty tend to be talkative, especially when they try to get themselves out from the suspicion and distract others. She seems to be right about this." Gu Canmo finally said something.

Qian Lingyus heart skipped a beat, and his mouth was left open, "Wh... What?"