The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 609

Chapter 609: Cooperated With The Lord

Although he looked serious, he was not paying attention. Only when Gu Xijiu asked him to repeat did he finally wake up. He stammered and repeated the first few points but forgot all the rest of the precautions.

"You have forgotten the rest of the precautions?"

"I am sorry"

Gu Xijiu silently glared at him. She thought that this guy had a powerful memory, but now he just looked dumb.

Gu Xijiu gave him the benefit of the doubt and considered that his mind was still unclear from his recovery. Qian Lingyu suddenly looked up shyly and requested, "Xijiu, can you please write it down for me? After you write it down I will read it carefully." He secretly had the urge to see Gu Xijius handwriting.

Without hesitation, Gu Xijiu asked for paper and a brush to write it down. Suddenly, it was breezy in the hall, and someone appeared beside Gu Xijiu. When Gu Xijiu finished writing and turned, she almost fell into the man's arms.

A light fragrance lingered around her nose. Gu Xijius heart almost missed a beat again. When she was about to retreat, the paper in her hand had been confiscated.

Everyone in the hall had knelt down, "Welcome, My Lord!"

The Lord was wearing his white robe and stood in the middle of the hall. No one had even noticed how he came in. It was as though he just appeared out of thin air.

He was now holding the paper written by Gu Xijiu. He glanced through the paper and commented, "Your writing is too ugly and needs more practice."

Gu Xijiu was speechless. She knew that her writing was not beautiful, but it was not a competition. She just wanted to write down the precautions for Qian Lingyu.

Qian Lingyu looked at the paper in The Lords hand and wondered if he would be able to obtain it. He thought that The Lord would give him the paper after he commented. However, it disappeared from The Lords hand in just a second.

Qian Lingyu attempted to request for the paper, "My Lord, that paper" He did not give up and wanted to get it back.

The Lord looked at him.

Qian Lingyu's body shrank. At first, he had a strong aura, but he lost all his confidence when The Lord frowned at him.

"You cant remember your own precautions?" The Lord asked him in a very soft tone.

Qian Lingyu remained silent. He opened his mouth but could not lie anymore, "I I"

"Messenger Chenge, bring him down and help him to memorize it."

"Yes, master!" Messenger Chenge answered very quickly. He had wanted to give Qian Lingyu a lesson for a long time now. Finally, he had received the order from The Lord so he could officially bring him over and teach him a lesson.

Messenger Chenge acted swiftly, and Qian Lingyu did not even have the chance to say anything. Gu Xijiu could not stop Messenger Chenge either when he carried Qian Lingyu out from the hall.

When Gu Xijiu and Messenger Chenge were healing Qian Lingyu, everyone paid full attention to three of them, and no one cared about Qian Lingtian.

Qian Lingtian was well aware that he would not have a good ending this time, so he attempted to escape when no one was paying attention. However, one of the elder discipline gurus caught hold of him. The discipline guru also blocked his acupuncture point so that he could not move.

He was full of despair and could not find a way to escape anymore. Since he could not do anything, he decided not to care about anything anymore. He would rather be killed than to admit his fault.