The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 61

Chapter 61: Look Forward To Finding Your Son's Murderer

The night was getting darker Because of the death of his son, within a few days, hundreds of strands of King Lus hair had turned white. He could no longer sleep at night.

He had met Master Hu and the eighth king (a.k.a Rong Che). After some inquiries, he learned that there were conflicts that happened in the house of the General with the young lady, Gu Xijiu. He had suspected that Rong Yan was the culprit that killed his son but he lacked the evidence to prove it and was not confident of his guess.

Furthermore, Rong Yan was the emperor's favorite. Even if he committed the murder, there was nothing King Lu could do about it.

Despite having all the martial achievements and authority, he was still the brother of the current emperor. That year when he helped his brother to secure the throne, he was bestowed the title of "Bing Jian Wang" (a title which enjoyed almost the same authority as the emperor) and became extremely powerful and fearsome.

He used to be formidable but now he could not do anything about his sons death. Such hindrance greatly annoyed King Lu as he had no solution to it.

He had a lot of wives and concubines but he had a tough time getting a son. After all those years, Count Le Hua was his only son. And now that he was strangled to death, King Lu would annihilate the culprit for that!

Tonight, he was alone. He did not call a concubine to accompany him as he struggled to figure out how to avenge his son.

Suddenly, a shadow flickered by the window and a cold voice emerged, "Do you want to know who is your sons murderer?"

King Lu was a martial artist, hence, he leaped up upon hearing the voice and caught the sight of a man standing beneath the window. It was a strange-looking man that wore a black outfit and had unusually long legs. He also wore a frightening ghost mask.

"Who are you?" King Lu took a sword and pointed it at the chest of the man.

The man did not even look at the shining sword. He spoke openly, "Do you want to know the identity of the murderer of your son? Do you want to get revenge? "

King Lu trembled while he answered, "Yes, I do!"

"Good, listen to me"

The man spoke monotonously and King Lu listened with growing surprise and burning rage! At the end, his face turned pale!

Before this, he just merely suspected Rong Yan, but now, he had everything he needed to pin Rong Yan to his sons murder.

King Lu clenched his fist until all his knuckles produced a cracking sound. A wave of boiling blood gushed into his pale face but fortunately he was not impulsive and managed to retain his composure.

He forcefully suppressed his anger and paid attention to that man. Although he was not tall, he was surrounded by a frightful aura.

"Who are you? How do you know all this?" King Lu began to interrogate him.

The man smiled and spoke in a sarcastic tone, "If you suspect me, you can choose to ignore my suggestions. But know this, if you want to avenge your son, you will have to create something big enough to discourage the emperor from harboring persons that are close to him."

King Lu was silent for a while and said, "I will investigate what you have said" While speaking, he suddenly pounced on the man.

Since King Lu was bestowed with skilled martial arts, such a pounce was equivalent to an eagle catching a hare - as fast as lightning!

Since he had the element of surprise, he would think he could arrest the man but he neglected the fact that that man came prepared and disappeared into thin air

King Lu could not speak a single word while watching him disappear into thin air.