The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 615

Chapter 615: The Lord Teased Her?

The Lord finally released her. He glanced at her, "Why are you nervous?" Then he laughed, "Where is that courage you exhibited when you pulled my sleeve and did not let go?"

Gu Xijiu secretly cursed him, but she tried to change the topic.

"Lord, I did contribute to the issue this time. I think I have the right to know." Gu Xijiu tried to fight for her right.

"Do you want to drink some tea?" The Lord suddenly asked.

Gu Xijiu hesitated. Actually, she did feel thirsty so she answered without hesitation, "Okay." It was a good time to drink tea to stay awake.

The Lord took out a tea set out of nowhere and started brewing.

Gu Xijiu sat there and stared at his actions as she was worried The Lord would put additional ingredients in the tea

The way The Lord brewed tea looked very graceful. When he was done, he passed Gu Xijiu the cup, "Drink it."

Gu Xijiu slightly hesitated. The tea smelled good and did not smell like any other tea she had ever drank before.

"Are you afraid of me poisoning you? Do you think I need to poison you if I want to do anything to you?" The Lord seemed to misinterpret her hesitation.

Gu Xijiu shook her head, "Lord, you don't have any reason to poison me. I'm hesitating because the smell of the tea is somewhat strange"

She suddenly felt that she had said the same thing before. All thanks to her good memory, immediately she recalled that she had the similar conversation with Di Fuyi before

It was so strange! She had always thought of Di Fuyi whenever she was with The Lord.

She also wondered why there was no news of Di Fuyi since she annulled the marriage arrangement with him.

Was he still living as freely as usual?

She was a little bit distracted and did not drink the tea.

The tea smelled strange? The Lord frowned. He sipped the tea and it tasted good.

However, when he saw her hesitation, he thought that she did not like the tea.

"If you dont like it, you can leave it aside." The Lord said with unhappy tone.

This was the tea that he collected hardly a few days ago. He thought that she would like it as the tea tasted good and it was suitable for her to practice. However

Gu Xijiu finally snapped out of her reverie and knew that The Lord had misunderstood. She quickly drank the tea in her hand.

The tea was smooth and she could smell the freshness of the tea leaves.

So she took another sip and drained the whole cup of tea.

"Nice! This tea tastes very nice!" Gu Xijiu praised and almost wanted to give a thumbs up.

She pushed the cup towards him and stared at the small teapot in his hand, "Can I have another one?"

"Drinking one cup is good; two cups would be a waste." The Lord shook his head. When he looked at her it felt like he was looking at a cow that ate a flower. However, he still poured a cup for her and said, "Drink slowly."

Gu Xijiu did not expect that The Lord knew the dialogue in the novel 'Dream of Red Mansions'. It was the conversation that Miaoyu had with Baoyu.

Gu Xijiu was a bit nervous. In the 'Dream of Red Mansions', Miaoyu actually liked Baoyu but she never expressed her feelings; suppressing it deep inside her heart.

Could it be that The Lord liked her but kept his feelings to himself too?

Stop your nonsensical thoughts!

Gu Xijiu suddenly felt that it was scary when she thought about such nonsense because her mind wandered inappropriately when The Lord unintentionally muttered something.