The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 616

Chapter 616: The Lord Teased Her 2?

Was she experiencing pre-menstrual syndrome?

Her recent mood swing was getting a little odd.

Gently, she took a breath to calm herself down. She looked composed and sat up straight as she took her seat. Also, she needed to take this opportunity to iron out her thoughts. She took a small sip of the tea and savored the taste of it.

The tea was either scented red tea or PuEr green tea. It was more like roasted tea that was extracted from a kind of flowery plant.

However, the residues that were immersed in the tea were apparently tea leaves.

"This is some kind of flower, isnt it?" asked Gu Xijiu. Their eyes happened to meet each others gaze when she raised her head.

His gaze was too intense, causing her heart to throb wildly.

Luckily, his gaze did not stay too long on her and shifted away. "It is the Dreamy Hibiscus Tea. Do you like it?"

"I like it!" Gu Xijiu did not seem to hide her favour. "Where can I buy this?" She was about to buy half a kilogram of it so she could slowly enjoy the tea later.

"You can dismiss the idea. How can it be possible for you to buy what The Lord himself uses, so easily?" The Lords words were enough to dispel her thoughts. "However, if you really wish to taste it, you can come here again to enjoy the tea for free, as long as I am satisfied with your work," added The Lord, hesitantly.

"I will try my best to satisfy you, Lord." Gu Xijiu eyes squinted into a curved shape. It was great to talk to her when she was delighted and amiable.

She took another sip of the tea.

The tea was finished.

The tea tasted really good. It was too bad that the teacup was a little too small; it would be better if she had a tea mug instead.

She looked at the teapot on the table with eager eyes. Without further ado, she stretched her hand and took the pot. "My Lord, how could I always trouble you to fill my cup every time? Let me do it myself," said Gu Xijiu in all sincerity, with a radiant smile.

She was delighted the moment she grabbed the pot. She could savor the tea as much as she liked if she could just hold the pot in her hand all the time.

She was delighted at the weight of the pot, as a heavy pot implied that it must be full. The amount of tea that it carried must be enough to fill seven or eight cups of tea to the brim.

She generously filled up a cup for The Lord first. Then, she proceeded to pour herself a cup of tea.

Unfortunately, there was none left.

There was not even one drop of tea left.

In disbelief, she halted as she looked at the pot in her hand. It was obviously heavy a while ago, how could it be empty by now?

Just when she was about to uncover the lid to peep inside, The Lord stretched out his hand and took back the pot. "There is no need for you to look inside, the pot carries enough to fill only five cups."

Gu Xijiu was speechless.

Her excessive attention to The Lord was totally in vain. She should have shamelessly poured herself a cup of tea first.

"Lord, shall I make another round of tea?" It should be able to infuse the tea more than once.

The Lord spoke up just when she was about to reach the pot, "There is no need. The tea can only be infused once."

What a noble tea.

It would be great if The Lords teapot were the same as Di Fuyis flagon.

The number of drinks from Di Fuyi's flagon had no end. It was as though it was a treasure bowl - one that made her wishes come true, and she could just steal it away.

The Lord calmly observed her and caught her eyes.

She seemed like she was genuinely very fond of the tea. She did not mean it as an insincere flattery in order to make him happy.

Under the mask, The Lord could be seen squinting his eyes in joyful delight.

Gu Xijiu could not help but look at the teapot again. It was very delicate, in the shape of a bell.

"Do you like the pot?" The Lord tapped on the table gently as he fixed his gaze on her.

"The pot looks decent and the tea tastes good. Too bad"

"What is too bad?"

"Too bad it is not like Celestial Master Zuos flagon. Its supply is endless and the tea is always available," sighed Gu Xijiu.