The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 62

Chapter 62: Who Was That Man?


He immediately opened the door and rushed out screaming, "Guards!"

A commotion suddenly erupted and eventually all the secret guardians hidden in every corner surrounded and addressed him, "Milord."

"Did any of you notice a man run out of my room?" King Lu asked with a low voice.

The guardians whispered amongst themselves before the leader stepped forward and reported, "Milord, all of us have been guarding the surroundings vigilantly and we did not notice anybody come in or leave."

The House of King Lu was famous for its security- especially with regards to the quarters of King Lu. The guardians could even catch sight of mosquitoes going in and out.

King Lu trusted his guardians nonetheless and upon hearing their reports, he was clouded by fright.

"Who was that?"

"An immortal? A devil?"

His uneasiness grew. Although that man was shrouded in mystery, at least he did not inflict any danger or harm. However, the things mentioned by him should be investigated.

After some thought, he turned to his guards and gave them some instructions.

The guards accepted it and left. He then said to himself, "Rong Yan... I am fine if you did not kill my son, but if it was you, I will make you pay with your blood!"

This night was destined to be filled with ruckus.

The twelfth prince (a.k.a Rong Yan) was suffering from insomnia and could not sleep.

While on the bed, he felt a sudden shiver down his spine covered with goosebumps which was followed by a sneeze!

He rubbed his nose and was filled with doubts.

Who was cursing him?

When the night was darkest just before the dawn, a few stars were shining. The glittering light made visible bushes around the moat and the river which flowed into the horizon.

Gu Xijiu teleported to the river appearing somewhat tired from a busy evening. She was so caught up in her thoughts that she absentmindedly set foot in the river. Luckily for her quick reaction, she managed to move up to the shore with ease.

She took off the stilts along with her extra-long pants and black robe she was wearing. Within a moment, she tied them to a rock and threw them into the river.

She did it so skillfully that only a small splash could be seen. It was too insignificant to catch the attention of the sentries along the wall.

As she observed the wave-like ripples disappear into the distance, she exhaled a sigh of relief and dusted her hands in satisfaction.

"It was tiring! But worth it!"

She believed that after all her arrangements, she could officially dismiss the terrible arranged marriage and even avenge the wrongly killed Gu Xijiu to make those worthless lovers pay for what they had done.

She then let out a long yawn before she attempted to teleport away to get some sleep. Suddenly, a gush of wind surrounded the area and a sigh could be heard. The sigh was light, like a fallen flower dancing in the air or a breeze of spring blowing past a few branches. Such a wonderful melody of nature!

Gu Xijius body stiffened a little bit as she immediately turned back and looked toward the direction of the sound.

Nothing could be seen. The shore was quiet and she was still all by herself.

"What was that?" She asked herself.

Gu Xijiu pursed her lips and without hesitating, she used her powers to write a message in the air, "Who are you? Come out!"