The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 621

Chapter 621: The Lords Temperament

The Lord was distracted. It was the first time for him to be absent-minded in the midst of a discussion.

She held her head up and looked at him astonishingly, "My Lord, My Lord? Am I right?"

The Lord regained his composure, but he did not know what she had said, as he had not been listening to her.

Moments ago, she was making assumptions about the ability of the venom. Her points were closely reasoned and mostly valid. She was right about them.

The Lord did not want her to know that he was distracted, so he nodded at her, "Not bad."

Gu Xijiu shed some lights in her eyes. "So you also agreed that he is not the mysterious person, right? Like I said, even though he is an expert in venomous spell, there is no way he can come here."

She considered the bearded master as her teacher. Also, he had treated her rather well, so she did not want him to be suspected by anyone.

The Lord made no comment and kept her drawings.

Gu Xijiu began to study the portrait of the mysterious person that was drawn by The Lord. The Lords drawing was very vivid, but the persons camouflage was too excellent. Gu Xijiu still could not manage to explain the details after studying the portrait for a while.

She could not help to sigh, "How I wish there was a 3D scanning device. The device could directly make a scan on ones bones. There was no way one could change his bone structure by camouflaging. He has hidden so many people in Tianju Hall, what does he want?"

It was a question without an absolute answer. The Lord did not answer her question and allowed her to continue making her judgments.

It was such a good time. He began to cling to it.

Without them noticing, the sky was already at dawn.

There were some sudden knocks at the door. It was Messenger Jiangshan. "My Lord, Gu Canmo has requested to see you."

Quietly, he frowned, as he was unhappy to be interrupted while they were having such cozy moments.

Gu Xijiu had finally recovered herself from her investigation. She looked outside, only to realize that the sky was already in bright daylight.

To her surprise, she had spent such a long time in the house talking with The Lord alone. It was unbelievable to her for the fact that they had spent such an enthusiastic time together.

If Gu Canmo had requested to see The Lord, there must be something that he wished to report, maybe it was about the mysterious person. She was contemplating if she should tag along and listen to it.

In the midst of her hesitation, The Lord said, "You may now go back. Remember to fix my bed drape as well."

She suddenly thought of the incident and was momentarily speechless.

The Lord did not sleep. Instead, he held her up all night and talked to her for the whole time. Was it because he could not sleep without the bed curtain?

She answered him briefly and was ready to leave when The Lord suddenly said, "Also, do not forget the ten rounds of punishment." He hesitated a little. Gu Xijiu looked at him hopefully, as The Lord had been so good-tempered for the entire time. He would probably dismiss her punishment as a reward for her to have solved the case.

However, he continued, "Not one round less."

As expected, it was impossible for The Lord to be so good-tempered.

She answered drily and turned to open the door.

While she was out of the door, she came across Messenger Jiangshan face to face. Seeing her coming out of The Lords room early in the morning had caused him to be intensely curious, but he had to suppress his eager concerns and greet her calmly.

Messenger Jiangshan could not help watching Gu Xijiu from behind as she left.

She walked gracefully. There was nothing odd with her legs. He could not help to wonder if they had done anything with each other.

"What do you think about her?"

"Great, shes beautiful, fit and capable," answered Messenger Jiangshan, thoughtlessly. He suddenly realized his situation and took a look at The Lord who was standing next to him. A cold shiver ran down his spine. He quickly bowed and saluted, "My Lord!"

"Do you like her?" asked The Lord, casually.