The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 628

Chapter 628: I Am Happy, You Can Leave Now

"Let her recover first." The Lord did not care too much about it.


"Is there anything else?"

"No. My Lord, do you think the green-clothed man who exploded himself was the culprit behind? According to what Qian Lingtian confessed, his medicine came from the mysterious person.

However, after the green-clothed person died, his supply of medicine stopped too; that was why he was so eager to look for the medicine in the night market"

"It is not that simple." The Lord's eyes were shimmering, "They are the only chessmen that have been exposed. The game had just started."

Mu Feng frowned, "What is his purpose?"

The Lord turned silent for a moment before asking earnestly, "Do you think I am cool enough?"

Mu Feng nodded without hesitation, "Definitely!"

"A throne can cause a fight between siblings and even between father and son. All the kinship would be disregarded just to fight for the throne. What about my position? There are so many people out there who want to kick me out from this position and take over my role."

Mu Feng frowned, "My Lord is a god. How can a god's position be taken over by fighting? This person must be a dumbass."

The Lord sighed, "Even if I am a God, there will be a time when I deteriorate."

Mu Feng was shocked and his face became pale, "My Lord, what do you mean?" His voice trembled.

The Lord knocked on the bamboo flute, "I am not dead yet! Please don't show a face like you are attending a funeral! Are you trying to curse me?"

Mu Feng was speechless.

"Alright, you can leave now." The Lord waved.

Mu Feng bent to retreat but suddenly recalled something, "Oh yeah, My Lord, Qian Lingyu has been recovered and now his spiritual power had reached level eight. Gu Canmo is very happy and had purposely organized a feast to celebrate for him."

The Lord looked at him, "What is your intention to report such trivial matters to me?"

"Uhh, I am trying to please you. After all, he is from Tianju Hall and he will be our right-hand man in the future."

"Uh, okay, I am happy. You can leave now."

"However, although this kid had fully recovered, there is a still trouble." Mu Feng continued to report. When he saw The Lord seemed to be annoyed by this trivial little thing, he boldly continued, "This kid can already return to the Ziyun class but he insisted to stay in the Liuyun class.

He said he wants to be with Miss Gu. He will be with Miss Gu wherever she is and it irritated Headmaster Gu a lot."

The Lord remained silent.

"My Lord, Qian Lingyu is at the age to experience puppy love. Miss Gu is almost the same age as he is. Based on my observation, Qian Lingyu had already fallen in love with Miss Gu. Since they will be in the same class together, they will be seeing each other every day, so maybe"

"What is that?"

"Maybe they'll be falling in love with each other and turn out to be a good relationship." Mu Feng boldly spoke out his speculation.

The Lord looked at him for a moment, "Mu Feng, you have gossiped a lot today. Are you trying to remind me of something?" He sounded cool.

Mu Feng looked down, "I dare not do so."

The Lord said lightly, "It is just mentorship between Gu Xijiu and myself. We don't have any other fate and I treat her as only a young kid. Do you understand it?"

"Yes, I understand!" Mu Feng did not dare to continue anymore.

"You don't have to report to me about any news relating to her anymore. I am not free to care about her stuff!"