The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 629

Chapter 629: How Do You Want To Compensate? Is It Okay To Marry Me?

Mu Feng answered and quickly left.

The wind rustled through the bamboo forest and The Lord was standing there alone.

Everything had not started yet; he should still have time to withdraw from it.

When he wanted to paste a film on the flute, he found that there was an extra hole in it


It was a starry night.

Inside a pine jungle.

There was a white-robed man and a green clothed man bending and reporting to him.

"Master, all our chessmen in Tianju Hall have been removed. Do we need to send more there?"

The white robbed man sounded clear, "No, he has started to suspect. Pass the message down to all departments to put it on hold temporarily."

"Noted!" The green clothed man answered. He slightly paused and tried to propose, "Master, Qian Lingtian was exposed because of the trap set by Gu Xijiu. This little girl is not simple and she has been spoiling our plans many times. Do we need to send someone to murder her?"

The white robbed man was quiet for a moment. His sound was still calm, "It's because you all are too stupid, and because of that, she could succeed. You don't have to do anything to her yet, she is not a concern."

"I still feel that she will be a bigger concern in future. Why don't we eliminate her before she grows stronger"

"Don't you understand my words? Don't touch her! If you simply do anything again I will peel off your skin!" The white robbed man finally sounded cruel.

"... Okay" The green clothed man did not dare to say anything anymore. He bowed and then left the place.

The white robbed man looked up at the sky. There were twinkling stars in the sky, shining bright like diamonds.

"Gu Xijiu" The white-robed man chuckled and whispered, "You have spoiled my plan several times, how do you want to compensate me? Is it okay to marry me?"

There was no answer but only the wind blew through the pine jungle.

He jumped and disappeared from the original place.


Fengshang Valley was not a big valley. There were more than 20 small brick courtyards neatly arranged in rows.

This was where the students of Liuyun class stayed.

Liuyun class was different from Ziyun class. All the students from the Ziyun class stayed in a two-story yard with complete facilities inside, like a mini bungalow.

While the building for students of Liuyun class was built with brick tiles and looked ordinary. One courtyard was shared by two students.

Gu Xijiu had moved to this place for a month. The girl who shared the same courtyard with her was a 15 year old girl and she had a catchy name - Lan Waihu.

When Gu Canmo announced the name of her housemate. The first impression of this girl was that she must be very smart and tricky like a fox.

However, when Gu Xijiu met her, only then she realized that the name was totally different from her personality.

Lan Waihu was a 15 year old little girl and she was a few months older than Gu Xijiu. However, she was petite in size and had a baby face. She had big eyes and looked very cute like a doll.

It was very easy to know the emotions of this little girl because she showed everything on her face!

She might have heard some rumors about Gu Xijiu, so when Gu Xijiu stayed in the same courtyard with her, she tried to avoid her and did not want to talk.

She lived in the room at the east while Gu Xijiu lived in the room at the west. Every time when Lan Waihu entered the room she would lock the door as though she was afraid of Gu Xijiu using a drug to poison her

Gu Xijiu understood why this little girl would avoid her because she came from the same hometown as Yan Chen did

During the first day, Gu Xijiu moved in, when she wanted to go out from the house she bumped into Yan Chen. Yan Chen looked serious and warned her to stay away from Lan Waihu.