The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 63

Chapter 63: Who Was That!?

When she wrote all that, she was not counting on a reply. It was just a warning to that individual that she knew someone was around. She wanted to force him/her out from hiding.

To her surprise, just as she finished writing, a line of words formed besides her saying, "I am nobody. I am not coming out!"

The words manifested out of thin air and arranged itself magically! This scared her.

She took a step back and looked at the words. They were beautiful written with an imposing font; the silvery alphabets blossomed in the air and slowly rotated around Gu Xijiu before they vanished.

There was a slightly chilly feeling in the air after the words vanished.

"What kind of mastery was that?!"

"It was ghostly! It was powerful!" Gu Xijiu thought to herself.

If it were someone else that encountered this eerie experience, they would have run off for their lives or be frozen in fear.

If it were someone more daring, they would have unsheathed their weapon to defend themselves or slashed at their surroundings to force the person out from hiding.

Gu Xijiu, however, just raised the corner of her lip a little bit and wrote a reply in the air, "What do you want from me then? I am not your enemy and I dont want things to be difficult."

"Hard to say." The ghostly words appeared again, this time in a colder and darker font.

Gu Xijiu remained silent.

What did he mean when he said, hard to tell? Was he refuting "not your enemy"? Or was he refuting "make things difficult"?

"What do you mean? Forgive my ignorance, I have no idea!" Gu Xijiu replied.

"I have not decided yet"

Gu Xijiu was speechless.

"Am I your enemy?" She tried to probe.

After a moment, the person replied in a cold manner, "Hehe!"

Gu Xijiu was wondering who it could be and whether this person is her own enemy or one of the original Gu Xijiu. However, she did not know who she was talking to and she did not want to reveal her identity.

After some thought, she wrote, "There are a lot of people with similar faces, you may have mistaken me for someone else!"

As she had only been in this world for a few days, she could not remember having antagonized anybody with such a personality!

Meanwhile, she had inspected her surroundings but still could not detect anyone.

Gu Xijiu pondered for a while but could not recall anyone with the skills to manifest words out of thin air.

"I am not your enemy. I believe we just met by chance." Gu Xijiu explained.

"Is that so?" This response left an even colder feeling on her than the previous one. Gu Xijiu browsed through every single person in her mind but could recall anyone with such a skill.