The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 630

Chapter 630: She Was Busy, Very Busy

Yan Chen looked serious and warned her to stay away from Lan Waihu and not to bully this innocent kid. If she did anything to Lan Waihu, he would not forgive her and so on

After he finished talking, Gu Xijiu smiled and said, "I did not plan to bully her at first. However, after you told me all these things, I think that I should bully her at least once or I will regret it."

Yan Chen was angry.

Gu Xijiu looked at his angry face and tried to remind him kindly, "You can ask your little fox to stay away from me."

Yan Chen angrily stared at her before turning to Lan Waihu's house to ask her out

When this little girl came back to her house upon seeing Gu Xijiu, she raised her alertness and tried to avoid her.

Gu Xijiu did not care about her because she was very busy after she entered the Liuyun class.

Although Liuyun class was a bad class, the teachers still taught seriously and the courses were also very detailed.

After Gu Xijiu came to this world, although she had learned a lot of things, all the knowledge was in pieces and was not complete.

The teachers who taught the pharmacy course here might not be as skillful as Gu Xijiu, but other teachers had very high achievement in other areas. For example, they taught various martial arts from various clans and the techniques to crack them, swordsmanship and various methods to practice spiritual talent.

Although the book which The Lord gave her had taught her about all these too, it was not as professional as compared to what the instructor taught here.

After Gu Xijiu attended a few classes, she finally fully understood the knowledge.

As she joined the class later than everyone did, she needed to do a lot of self-learning. In addition, she still needed to feed her three majestic beings. Occasionally she needed to refine some pills to earn some money. Sometimes, she was asked by Qian Lingyu to go and kill a monster to complete the assigned task

So these days, she was very busy to the point that she had no time to deal with the housemate who avoided her.

After they stayed together for three days, when Gu Xijiu was practicing in her room one night, she heard crying sounds from the other side.

Gu Xijiu was disturbed by the crying so she had to go to check on her housemate.

As usual, the little girl locked her door so Gu Xijiu knocked on her window and asked her not to cry so loudly as it disturbed other people.

This caused Lan Waihu to cried even louder. While she was crying, she said she was going to die because her stomach was very painful and uncomfortable

She cried very hard but still refused to open the door for Gu Xijiu.

Gu Xijiu immediately performed teleportation to Yan Chen's house, which was about two miles away. She asked him to go and look for a doctor because his hometown mate had a stomach ache.

Yan Chen looked at Gu Xijiu suspiciously. The first reaction was to ask her, "What have you done to her?

Gu Xijiu was angry. She scolded him, "Don't give me that look of doubt. What do you think I have done to her?!"

Yan Chen did not know how to reply and he still looked at Gu Xijiu as though she was a monster.

Gu Xijiu did not want to waste time on him. After she finished her words, she teleported back to her room.

She washed her face and when she planned to sleep, she heard the crying from the other side again, "I am going to die *Sniff* What can I do? My stomach is painful and I'm also bleeding a lot"

Gu Xijiu was stunned for a while. She shook her head and walked to Lan Waihu's room. She kicked open the door and walked into the room.

This little girl had her first menstrual period.

The spiritual power of this little girl was not low but obviously, she had never learned about physical health and no one had taught her about this, so she was not aware of such occurrences at all.