The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 632

Chapter 632: Trained The Two Teammates

He decided to reassign her to the Liuyun class to learn together with the weaker students and hoped that she would be stimulated and determined to improve herself.

The students in the Liuyun class also desperately needed motivation. Perhaps, Lan Waihu had become infamous for being a loser. Hence, everyone tried to avoid her when there were team contests within the classes.

Therefore, whenever there was a contest, Lan Waihu could not join any team and she could only watch the match from outside the gate while others formed units to kill the monster at the mountain behind the school.

Sometimes, she was courageous enough to follow a group. But in the end, her teammates would ignore her, or they would run faster than a rabbit and leave her behind. This situation lasted for half a year until the arrival of Gu Xijiu.

After Gu Xijiu joined the Liuyun class, everyone was curious about her but also took precaution against her. After all the incidents that happened before, no one dared to look down on her, but they did not want to be close to her either. They admired her for her high medication skill, but they were afraid of her tricks.

Although these people were the elite, they were all youngsters aged between 14 to 15. They did not like tricky people. Moreover, Gu Xijiu's spiritual power was only at level five. It was the lowest in the Liuyun class.

No one knew how good she was in martial arts. Therefore, when there was a need to form a team, no one wanted to be on the same side with her. Qian Lingyu was the only one who was willing to team up with Gu Xijiu.

It required at least three people to form a team. Therefore, Gu Xijiu asked Lan Waihu to join them. It was a quirky combination. Qian Lingyu used to rank last in the class, but everyone knew that he had now recovered. What he lacked was the ability to master all his spiritual power together with his martial arts. He did not learn too many skills yet so no one knew how good his performance would be when fighting against him.

As for Gu Xijiu, her spiritual power was low but she was a master in using drugs and was very experienced in fighting. However, the teachers had been clearly stated that she could not use any drugs and could not use her teleportation power. She could only use the skills that were taught by the instructors.

In other words, Gu Xijiu's strengths could not be utilized during the fight. As for Lan Waihu, what she always did was to splash water on the fire with her negativity. Therefore, Gu Xijiu and her team were defeated during their first fight.

Gu Xijiu had a principle - if she wanted to do something, she would do it the best she could. After her first failure, she learned from the bitter experience and started to plan and strategize. She also trained her two teammates.

In fact, this type of fighting was very similar to the modern-day computer game battles. Some people were suitable for close combat. Some were good at attacking from afar, and some would need to be the commander.

The most important thing for the team was to complement the strengths and weaknesses of each other. Gu Xijiu was a master strategist in her previous life. She was expert in commanding and even when there were one-on-one fights, very few people could defeat her.

She was also the leader of a clan. In the game, her group was one of the most powerful clans. There were a lot of talents in the clan but everyone followed her instruction because all the battles instructed by her would eventually end in victory. She had never lost in any team battles before.

After she came to Tianju Hall and experienced her first defeat, she started to summarize the strengths and weaknesses of her teammates.

Qian Lingyu was much better as he was an expert in fighting. There were a lot of times he could acquire new skills very quickly with just a few guidelines. Lan Waihu was the only issue as this little girl was an idiot when it came to fights.

Gu Xijiu used five days of her leisure time to train Lan Waihu. She asked Lan Waihu to show her all the techniques she knew. Gu Xijiu found that the skills used by this little girl were quite powerful but the only issue was that she did not know how to coordinate the skills with each other.