The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 636

Chapter 636: A Cool Elegant Young Man Almost Acted Rudely

Yan Chen also wanted one more. He looked at Gu Xijiu, "Shall we have another match?"

Gu Xijiu stood up and looked disdained, "Why should I accompany you to practice?"

Yan Chen was speechless. Earlier, he was pulled into the field to practice together with them. But now she was behaving this way.

"Gu Xijiu, can you be more shameless?"

"Yes, I can." Gu Xijiu answered very happily, then she reached out her hand, "If you want me to practice with you, you have to pay me 100 spiritual stones."

Yan Chen was speechless.

In the end, Yan Chen gave in to Lan Waihu. He took out 100 spiritual stones in exchange for a match. He cried a little inside his heart.


Following from that day, Yan Chen came to practice with the three of them almost every day. The venue selected by Gu Xijiu was secretive, and it was located where most people could not find. Thus, no one could watch their practice.

A few days later, the second match within the Liuyun class arrived. The result was that the three least favored students won all other teams and became the black horses.

No one would ever imagine that Lan Waihu, who always caused the team to lose, could battle so well. The idiot in combating turned out to be the critical player when coupled with the skill sets of Gu Xijiu and Qian Lingyu.

The three of them won with pride. Qian Lingyu was delighted, and Lan Waihu was even more excited. She ran rounds around Gu Xijiu and asked for a celebration.

It was a must to have a food feast to celebrate. Lan Waihu did not have enough skills in the past. Hence, she did not earn much income. Every month, she could only get 10 spiritual stones for her essential living expenses. She was a poor person, and she always needed Yan Chen's financial aid.

She could not afford to pay although she said she wanted to treat Gu Xijiu to a food feast. Fortunately, she had Yan Chen to help her.

Later in the day at the first floor of the Tianju Hall canteen where students from the Ziyun class would typically dine, three students from the Liuyun class sat freely in the middle of the canteen. Their meal was treated by Yan Chen.

Yan Chen was very forthright. He just said, "You can order anything today. As long as it is edible, I can pay for it!"

When he had just finished his sentence, there was cheering from Gu Xijiu's sleeves, "Great! Finally, I can eat until I am full! I want to eat roasted spiritual venison, spiritual leopard tendons fried with garlic, and"

It was the large mussel. It rolled out, and the baby inside it started to order almost all the signature dishes in the canteen!

Yan Chen was stunned.

This meal had cost 2,800 spiritual stones, and Yan Chen almost became bankrupt because of this meal. He used all his properties that he had earned for these three years but still did not have enough to pay. The chefs here did not allow credit either.

In the end, Gu Xijiu helped to pay 1,000 spiritual stones on behalf of him. Only then did the four of them manage to leave the canteen.

Yan Chen quietly thanked Gu Xijiu but she waved and said, "You don't have to thank me." Then she took out a paper from her sleeve and handed it to Yan Chen. "This is the contract of your borrowing, please sign on it."

Yan Chen was speechless. A cool and elegant young man almost acted rudely. However, although he was angry, he did not want to owe Gu Xijiu, so he signed the contract and claimed that he would be paying off the debt in two years' time.