The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 637

Chapter 637: It Seemed Like She Had Spent Too Much Of His Money

After Gu Xijiu kept the contract, she walked away with the mussel. The mussel had eaten so much till it could not close its shells. It transformed into a smaller size to help it move around.

It was very excited and planned for the future on their way back, "Master, you should grab more opportunities to let him treat us. I think he is quite generous. This is the first time I have eaten so satisfyingly."

Gu Xijiu remained silent. She felt at this stage that it was more difficult to ask Yan Chen to buy them a meal than to fly to the moon.

She also felt a bit guilty when she recalled the moment when Yan Chen had insufficient money to pay for the dinner. It seemed like she had spent too much of his money this time.

This was a massive lesson for Yan Chen. In the future, he would surely mention beforehand that he would only be buying food for the humans and not the mussel.

Despite the hefty cost of the meal, there was still a silver lining for Yan Chen after all. Gu Xijiu finally stopped irritating him and did not ask Lu Wu to follow him when he went to collect herbs. Therefore, he could finally complete his tasks.


The news of Gu Xijiu's victory had spread to the management of the Tianju Hall. Gu Canmo had heard about it on the night itself. He felt very uncomfortable but did not care much about it.

After all, the students from the Liuyun class were weaker. Qian Lingyu was supposed to be in the Ziyun class. With his abilities coupled with the Gu Xijiu's experience, it was no surprise to see them winning a few battles in the Liuyun class. As for Lan Waihu, it was considered as good news as long as she did not bring trouble to the team.

Even though he tried not to care, Gu Canmo still went to watch the second match, and the result was very eye-opening to him.

This time, the three of them played even better. Lan Waihu played a very crucial role in helping to win the match. She was not just an additional player that lingered around.

Although she only rotated between five tricks, these five tricks became extraordinarily powerful under the coordination with Gu Xijiu and Qian Lingyu. During the match, Lan Waihu was the one who would attack first. She always used her water jet skill on her opponent who used the fire element spiritual power.

Opponents who owned the earth element spiritual power could set a wall to block the water jet. Hence, Qian Lingyu would immediately use his vines to attack and loosen the wall. Once the wall was loosened, Lan Wanhu would use her water jet attack again, and the wall would directly collapse.

At this moment, Qian Lingyu seized the opportunity to issue a fireball to attack the opponent, and Gu Xijiu used her hurricane skill to expand the fireball by several folds.

Most of the time, their opponents were showered with fire and all lied on the floor shouting for help. Gu Canmo was actually still under punishment and he was still very weak at the moment.

After each punishment, he would lose a large amount of water from his body. Therefore, his lips were always dry. Even his beard grew dryly, and it made him look very ugly. If he were not too curious about Gu Xijiu and her team, he would never come out from the room.

He watched the full match and asked three of them to come and look for him. He praised them for their excellent performance and encouraged them to do better the next time.

Gu Xijiu somehow grew impatient listening to his long-winded encouragement. Finally, she reminded him, "Headmaster, I think it is not sufficient to only verbally encourage. Why don't you reward us with some material items?"

Gu Canmo agreed with her suggestion, so he rewarded each of them with 100 spiritual stones. When Gu Xijiu noticed his tired and sickly appearance, she sympathized with him. Thus, she took out a bottle of medicine and handed it over to Gu Canmo.