The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 64

Chapter 64: Fancy Kung Fu

As the sunlight penetrated the clouds at the break of dawn, Gu Xijiu suddenly smiled and wrote something in the air, "I cant do anything in this situation. If you think you need revenge, Ill accept it. But if youve got the wrong person, please go away as Im not interested in playing games. Goodbye! I hope our paths never cross again!"

After she had finished writing the words she wanted to say, she turned around and teleported away and the riverbank returned to its peaceful state. A moment later, a man appeared at the riverbank.

He was wearing a ghost mask with a pair of sharp eyes. His black hair and white dress appeared to be levitating in the air as the wind blew which made him appear as a charming guy!

He stood there and watched the river with the edge of his lips tilted slightly upwards. He raised his arm slightly and the flowing water immediately became a water cyclone which overflowed to the surroundings.

A moment later, his hand was moving in the air and something was being forced up to the riverbank.

Those were the mask and clothes left behind by Gu Xijiu.

The man examined what was left behind and the way they were tied to a rock.

Gu Xijiu had a special way of getting rid of her trail marks. She tied an extremely complicated knot to make sure those things would not detach from the rock.

Upon observing the rock, the man shook his head Apparently, he did not admire the way the knot was tied. He moved his fingers and a white light flashed around him; the clothes and mask immediately detached from the rock and even the stilts were no longer connected.

The man observed the stilts. They were not high (just about 30 centimeters), hence, it could merely turn a dwarf into a normal-looking person. If he covered it with a long dress, no one would even know he was using stilts.

The man realized Gu Xijiu was using intelligent ways to achieve her goals!

He picked up the mask and looked at it more carefully. The mask was very common and could be easily found on the street. It was not as nice as the one he had...

"Inartistic!", he shouted.

He was touching his chin in deep thought and his pupils were shining.

"This little girl does not know who has found her... She still thinks she is innocent." He said to himself.

Indeed, he would get his revenge, but he had no idea whether she could handle it...

He waved his hand again and everything immediately became nicely arranged and dry upon this action.

"Who is that!?", someone could be heard asking in the distance. Perhaps, he made too much noise or it was just time for everyone to wake up. The soldiers who were snoring on the upper end of the wall slowly opened their eyes and shouted as they looked down.

All they saw was a black suit was floating in the air as the wind was blowing.

The soldiers felt numbness in their legs as the suit fell to the ground...